Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking time to get away and still the house gets worked on

After, a crazy summer of non stop madness and barely a few minutes to spend time with each other in a day, we decided to go to Tennessee and visit Matthew's family. It was so great to get away!! Even though we were gone, alot happen back in Rocky Mount. I had no idea the show would go on without the check writers present :-)

The insulation guy has came and gone, finishing the whole house in just 2 days.

The drywall has started and they should be done by Friday!!

The vinyl siding guy is here and should be done this week!!

We are ALMOST done with rock work in the front. You want to work on your relationship skills with your spouse or even as a team building activity then do a tedious project like rock work.

This is the finished deck upstairs. The guy did awesome decorative post for me. The railings are high for our future children to have no chance of falling over the deck :-)

My uncle has pretty much finished the electrical, now we just have to wait for the drywall to be done to put the fixtures up. We are going to look at paint colors, flooring, and tile all this week. It looks like after I have now painted my sister and my mom's house, next week I will finally be painting MY house.

The house is looking more like a house. Everytime I go into the house or even think about it, I think how blessed I am. I am so grateful God provides and has been orchestrating the details of this house!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rock and Time

We have now began to do the rock work on the front of the house ourselves. We have to figure out where to put what piece where. When we first started we had to figure out what was the best way and of course Matthew and I had completely different ways of what was the best way. We had to stop and talk out the best way and come in to aggreement. After that everything went great and the time consuming project is coming along. We have a long way to go but have a great start. Here is a picture of our progress.

Matthew and I orginally did not think to put a deck upstairs and the house was already framed. Someone gave us the idea and that was it, I thought it was an amazing idea. We got a really awesome bid on it and decided a deck would be the best idea. Now, the deck is done and we have one upstairs and one down stairs. Here are pictures of the deck.

We bought cabinets and countertops!!! What a relief to have that done!!
My uncle is finishing up the electrical next week!!

Camp is over but we are still extremely busy with retreats and cleaning up from camp. Everything is going well and still extremely busy trying to juggle the house, marriage, and the camp.