Monday, August 3, 2015

Cora Faith's Birth Story

Lets begin with the past before we get into her story.   With Niah I was induced at 41 weeks and was barely dialated to a 1.  Never had a braxton hick or pre labor contraction only felt contractions on pitocin.  Malachi, his labor was so weird I was 4 at one appt and the next week I was 6, never felt any contractions.  Went to the hospital a few hours after my drs. appointment only because my husband was a nervous wreck (dr jokingly asked my husband if he was ready to deliver a baby in car when I told him I was not ready to go to hospital) not because I thought I was in labor.  Turns out I was in labor having active contractions, I could not feel them and I was dialated to a 8 when I arrived at hospital.  I started feeling contractions after I started pushing but it was more painful when the dr tried to hook the vacuum up then the contractions.  I pushed for almost 3 hrs before we ended up with a c-section.
This was while I was at home having contractions 

Skip to March of this year.  Baby number 3, so ready for her to be here but also did not get my hopes up that she was coming anytime.  I am pretty comfortable in my 3rd trimester and it does not bother me to be pregnant so I just decided I was not going to anticipate an early arrival to be let down when she did not make it.  I also knew that she was measuring really small and I was planning to go to 41 weeks because I did not want pitocin.  I also knew I had not had any type of contraction, braxton hick, nothing.  At my 39 week appt, I was dialtated to 3 which was the same thing I had been since my 37 week appt and 50% effaced.  I went to silver dollar city at 38 weeks thinking the long day of walking would change something but no change anywhere.  I just went on with life trying to put as far back as possible baby was coming and went about life enjoying my 2 babies.
  Playhouse project we had been working on
March 24, Malachi went to ER for ear infection.  My thought, "Good thing I am not having this baby so I can take care of my lilttle man."  March 29, was a sunday, we went to church, I did children's church.  When we got home, I and the kids took a nap, Matthew worked in playhouse.  When we woke up from nap the kids wanted to go for a walk.  We walked around, Malachi (2) walks for a few feet than always wants to be carried.  I carried him, Niah (4) walked, and came home.  We then decided to go to my mom's house to finish baby girls, "bring home from hospital outfit."   We finished the outfit and it was getting close to bedtime, the kids and I went home.  I started getting the kids ready for bed and felt a cramp.  It was around 7ish and I felt a few more while I was getting the kids ready for bed and I began to wonder, "are these contractions or just braxton hicks?"  Around 8 I got in the bathtub, they continued and as I was in the bathtub I decided to time them.  I was timing them about 4 minutes apart.  I was not really worried but began to think if I am in labor maybe I should call Matthew.
  This was 4 days before I went into labor

I called Matthew, "Hey honey, will you come up to the house for a second?'  He was in the playhouse.  I was still in the bathtub very calmly said, "Honey, I am not sure but I think I may be in labor?  But I am not sure?"  He answers with, "How close are your contractions? Maybe you should call the hospital?"  He went to the playhouse to clean up and I called the hospital but was in no hurry to get to the hospital.  I got out of the bath started packing a bag, cleaned the house a little, Matthew waited anxiously for me to say lets go!  I didn't so he finally said let's go to the hospital.  We took the kids to my mom's house, didn't tell anyone that we were going because I didn't want to be in false labor.  Now contractions were 3 mins apart.

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