Monday, April 30, 2012

1 Year old!!

My baby turns 1 year old this week. I decided to write this post early as I know by the end of the week it will be really crazy here and I will not find the time. Niah is truly a wonderful gift from God. Children were always something Matthew and I wanted but it was down the road a little bit, especially since we were in the midst of building a house when we got pregnant with Niah. Here is a little bit about Niah coming along and I how I truly believe she was exactly what God had planned and his plan is greater than MY plan. I can remember laying on the bed in the emergency room throwing up every 20-30 mins and the nurse walks in and tells me, nothing is wrong I am pregnant. I am not going to lie alot of things raced through my head starting from, are we ready to have a baby, to does pregnancy cause this much sickness. I know alot of people talk about morning sickness but I had down right sickness, with throwing up every 20-30 mins everyday and the only relief was taking this sedative to sleep it off, thankfully it ended after 12 weeks and I had a fairly easy pregnancy. Back to my story, I get checked out alone to make sure the baby is ok in the er. The lady doing the ultrasound starts with, "has anyone ever told you anything was wrong with you?" I shook my head no and instantly was scared and asked her if everything was ok, her reply I can't tell you anything a dr. will be in shortly. I was already crying from being sick and I began to sob thinking, oh no something is terribly wrong. The dr. comes in tells me I have a very rare condition but thankfully everything was ok. He reccommends a dr. and tells me I should make an appt. today. Again, I am planner and had thought about these moments in the future and believe they would be go differently, more organized thought out and decided on. We made the dr. appt. I continued to be terribly sick with no relief, people treated me as I was dying but it was probably because I was throwing up every 20 minutes and had not eaten or drank anything in 2 days. The next day we went to the dr. and he was quite surprised that 1 missed pill with my rare condition got me pregnant. He explained to me that most women that have this condition take desperate measures to become pregnant (He never personally had a patient with this condition just did some medical research while I was there). As I carried our little baby I knew this was God's timing and not mine. God gave me a wonderful dr. that took excellent care of me and Niah even in some rough delivery patches. I am so thankful for God's timing, I can not imagine my life, our family without Niah. Niah is now standing on her own for 3 or 4 minutes, she refuses to take any steps. Niah loves to be in the mix of everything, if I am cooking she wants to be right up there by the bowl, if I am cleaning she wants a rag to clean to. Niah points alot and uses hand motions to come get her. She is very lively and fun and full of emotion. Niah lets you know exactly what she is thinking and wants. I hope she always stays that way!! Niah's birthday plans are to have a tulle birthday! I will post lots of pictures and how to's after the party it was a complete diy party. Here are a few pictures of Niah in her Birthday dress that we took for invites and things!!
Niah Beth we absolutely love you and can not imagine our lives without you. You are the biggest blessing!! You remind me every single day how God is God and He made you!!


  1. My sweet niece! She is such a blessing! Happy birthday Niah!

  2. Happy Birthday Niah! She is a doll!