Friday, April 20, 2012

Things every Mom needs!!

Here are a few things I could not do with out!! There are lots of things I never used that I bought but these are the items I absolutely could not do with out. 1. Video monitor We love our video monitor, it is such a piece of mind to look at it especially when Niah was younger and greater risk of sids.
2. Portable vacumn. We have the shark portable chargeable vacumn. We use it everday now that Niah is eating solids we didn't need it until she was older. Everything she drops on the floor or in her High chair I just vacumn up!
3. Absolutely could not live without a bouncer. Niah did not even like the vibrate on it she just liked the chair. In fact the first 4-5 weeks of her life she slept in her bouncer. It was the only thing she would sleep in because she did not like laying flat on her back. It was nice to set her in the bouncer while I got ready or needed do something and I knew she was safe so it was a piece of mind. The bouncer was very portable so I could take it room to room.
4. Swaddle blankets. We used swaddle blankets on Niah till she was 3 - 4 months old and she loved them and slept so well swaddled. I highly recommend swaddling your baby, the swaddle blankets work well because they are tighter than a homemade swaddle which I did during naps to save my actual swaddle blankets for night. We like the swaddle blankets with velcro
5. Activity floor mat Niah spent so much time on her activity mat, She loved it, even at a young age. She had a very basic one but there are mats at there that light up and play music as well.
6. Mommy Mirror This was an item I did not think of till after Niah was born and after a few car trips of not being able to see her drove me crazy. The mommy mirror has been so helpful to see what she is doing and if she is ok.
There is probably a few more things that I could think of but these are by far my favorite. Niah Update: Niah is standing up on her own and standing for a few seconds. She is too scared to take any steps on her own but we are thinking her cousin Kyah will give her some confindence this weekend when she sees her. Niah now says: clap, cheese, and bye. In addition to the words she was already say which were: momma, dadda, thank you, addie, hi, and hey. She is always trying to repeat words you say. She loves to wave bye to everyone except Mom. She loves to tease people, she will even stick food in Matthew's mouth and want to take it back out :-) When Niah wakes up she will cry until she sees mom, which is Matthew's excuse not to get Niah in the morning :-) She has became a pretty good eater and her favorite food is still BREAD!! She loves it and gets excited to see bread, I have limited her bread intake to at the most 2 pieces of whole grain bread a day (I hardly ever will let her have white bread). She would probably eat 8 pieces if I let her. She said good bye to the bottle and uses only sippy cups. She had a different sippy cup for milk than water though. We still do not let Niah have any sugar, acidic foods, fried food, white potatoes, cow's milk, or preservatives.

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