Wednesday, April 4, 2012

11 Months old Today!!

I can not believe my little girl is 11 months old today... the last 11 months have flown by!! It is a bittersweet feeling watching your little one grow up, bitter that it seems to go by so quickly, very sweet that you watch them develop, and accomplish things. Niah is a determined girl that knows what she wants. She points at things she wants and raises her voice when you take something away she wanted. Niah also will go after what she wants. She has slowed down on her motor skills and is excelling in her communication. She talks nonstop and will answer when you talk to her. She says, "Hi, Hey, Momma, Dadda, Addie (the dog), thank you." Thank you is the newest word that she just started saying. She tries to repeat thousands of other words some that she almost always tries to repeat is tease, nighty nighty, Kyah, and do do do (I sing this to her and try to get her to say it the same number of times I did). Niah is still cruising and she is standing by herself for a few seconds and she is trying to stand up from sitting down (she has succeeded around 3 times). Niah's favorite toys right now are baskets filled with objects. She loves to take the objects out, inspect them, and put them back in! Her room is filled with baskets so she has a blast tearing them apart and putting them back in but not as neatly as before :-) Niah's favorite foods this week are blueberries, yogurt (I buy organic greek yogurt), and BREAD. She loves bread, Matthew always jokes you can tell she is my child because I also, have a love for bread. Niah changes what she likes from week to week, she can love something one week and not touch it the next. Every week is an adventure to find what will be on the menu for Niah. About 3 weeks ago she had a photo shoot for her 10 month photos and for her b-day invitations done be LighterFocus Photography. He did a great job and we love how he captured all of Niah's various expressions. She was about 10 1/2 months so we will take her 11 month photos in about a week or 2. Here are some of the photos, I will show her birthday photos closer to her birthday.

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