Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everyday Life

Niah has a very busy day. On most days Niah and I arrive at the office for work a little bit before 8 am. So that means mommy gets up at 6:30 to be ready in time. Niah eats between 6 and 7 and again at 8:30. She usually goes back to sleep by 9 and sleeps till about 12:30. Then she spends time exercise those legs and gets frustrated she can't move, she also loves to look around. She eats again and goes back down for a nap until 3:30 or 4 depending on how long she stayed away. We leave the office between 4 and 5. The evening usually consist of a walk if the tempature is not to cold or too hot. She loves her stroller if it is moving. So we usually walk around camp and do small projects and make sure everything is going well. She will spend most the evening awake until about 8 then she will eat and sleep till 10 and wake up and eat again and sleep till 7ish. We are working with Niah sleeping by herself on a flat surface. She sleeps in her bouncer at night, carseat and swing during the day. So now during the day we will put her down on cushion on the floor and see how long she last. Then we move her to her car seat or swing when she wakes up mad. I have been working with her on tummy time. I am also trying to get her on a consistant schedule, she has bedtime down flat and has for 3 to 4 weeks its during the day that fluctates for her.She can actually pick her self up with her arms and she bobs her head quite a bit. Niah's neck is getting really strong and picks her head up quite a bit.
This is Niah at work today enjoying her swing

Niah still seems to get fussy and want her Mommy at times. Which I actually love, I may not always love it but she is my first and only child. I love having her with me and taking her on errands and to the office. I have only left her 2 times, once with daddy and once with mimi.

My sister is coming on saturday for most of the week for my birthday week!! Which means the babies will get to spend some time together. We have lots of activities for the cousins to do together. We talked about trying to get them out in the pool and see how they like to swim. They will probably be doing alot of sleeping together. I can not wait till they get old enough to play together.
This is what Niah and Kyah do together now but they still enjoy being together!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing Up too fast

Our little girl is 6 weeks old and it has flown by way too fast. Niah is having more awake time and loves to be talked to and she tries to talk back but usually it is not so much of her talking back but moving her mouth and tongue trying to get sounds out. It is so cute. She loves to just lay and watch everything around her. Niah is falling into a schedule. Niah wants to be in bed by 10 pm and does not wake up till 7. She takes several naps in the day but has awake time between her naps. She gets very fussy is she is passed around and held at her bed time. She knows what is comfortable and will move and make noises till she gets in a comfortable position where ever she is. She has started a fake little cry, and I know I shouldn't like it but it is adorable and she is just showing that she doesn't like something. Niah is going through a stage when she is tired she wants mommy and will fuss till she gets her and then goes right to sleep. I can't lie, I love that she knows me and loves to be in my arms. She seems to get fussy with strangers when they hold her until she gets comfortable with them.
My adorable baby girl on a walk with mommy.

I love being a mom so much and I just wish that I could look and watch her all day. I always knew that I would love having children and use to say that I wanted a 100 children but I had no idea that I would love it this much. I realize she is my first child and I am probably considered an overprotective parent but I guess I get to be that way because she is my baby. No matter how overprotective I am, Matthew is way more than I am. Daddy still adores Niah and always wants to get in as much time with her as he can. He always says you see her all day at work, I want to hold her. Daddy always stops by work several times a day to say Hi to his little girl.

The house has several small projects going. The basement is waiting for me to paint it which I will start in between youth and kids camp when I am not so tired. We had some flower beds built in the front with rock. Matthew has been working on the landscaping the yard. It looks really nice.

Kyah came to visit this week. Here is a picture of both babies while we are shopping. Niah is only about half pound bigger than Kyah but she is not a newborn anymore and I realized that after being around Kyah.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1 Month already

It is so hard to believe that our little girl is one month and growing up way to fast already!! She had her 1 month dr. appointment today. She weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces. She has gained 36 ounces since her last appointment when she was only 6 days old. She is 21 inches long which means she has grown an inch and a half. Her head circumference went from 9 cm to 13 cm. She just started wearing newborn size clothes but still fits in her preemie pants and jackets.

She loves to eat. We started giving her 1 bottle a day. She takes a bottle pretty good. Sometimes gets very frustrated with a bottle and will only nurse and refuse the bottle. She will not even drink from a bottle after the 1st bottle so mommy never leaves her for long amounts of time (honestly how could you leave her, she is such a doll). She sometimes gets fussy when she is passed around alot but calms down when she gets in mommy or daddy's arms. She is not a huge fan of a pacifier, she will sometimes take it in the car but most of the time she turns red and spits it out if you give it to her. Most nights starting about a week and half ago, she sleeps from 10 pm to 5 or 7 am. The dr. told me not to let her sleep through the night but she gained over 2 pounds in month so I am not concerned with her not eating at night.

Niah is a wonderfully baby that is hardly fussy at all. She does not like to be ignored. Her favorite times in hanging with Mommy and Daddy at home. Daddy adores his little girl and spent the last weekend basically just holding her all day and talking to her. Niah has always been full of expressions but she is now smiling. It is so funny because she smiles when you talk to her at just the right moments like when dad gets her poop on his hand or when you tell her she is cute. Niah already enjoys story time and worship music.

Mommy and Daddy are adjusting well to baby now. Mommy has learned that the house will never be as clean as it was before she had a baby. I just work on keeping it clean and organized but I may not get to clean the bathrooms several times a week or get steam the floors several times a week and just focus on making sure the floors are clean and the bathroom gets done sometime. Daddy now takes directions in the kitchen to help with dinner. He also spends alot of time trying to figure out the best way to soothe and hold Niah. We love Niah and can't imagine life without her.