Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing Up too fast

Our little girl is 6 weeks old and it has flown by way too fast. Niah is having more awake time and loves to be talked to and she tries to talk back but usually it is not so much of her talking back but moving her mouth and tongue trying to get sounds out. It is so cute. She loves to just lay and watch everything around her. Niah is falling into a schedule. Niah wants to be in bed by 10 pm and does not wake up till 7. She takes several naps in the day but has awake time between her naps. She gets very fussy is she is passed around and held at her bed time. She knows what is comfortable and will move and make noises till she gets in a comfortable position where ever she is. She has started a fake little cry, and I know I shouldn't like it but it is adorable and she is just showing that she doesn't like something. Niah is going through a stage when she is tired she wants mommy and will fuss till she gets her and then goes right to sleep. I can't lie, I love that she knows me and loves to be in my arms. She seems to get fussy with strangers when they hold her until she gets comfortable with them.
My adorable baby girl on a walk with mommy.

I love being a mom so much and I just wish that I could look and watch her all day. I always knew that I would love having children and use to say that I wanted a 100 children but I had no idea that I would love it this much. I realize she is my first child and I am probably considered an overprotective parent but I guess I get to be that way because she is my baby. No matter how overprotective I am, Matthew is way more than I am. Daddy still adores Niah and always wants to get in as much time with her as he can. He always says you see her all day at work, I want to hold her. Daddy always stops by work several times a day to say Hi to his little girl.

The house has several small projects going. The basement is waiting for me to paint it which I will start in between youth and kids camp when I am not so tired. We had some flower beds built in the front with rock. Matthew has been working on the landscaping the yard. It looks really nice.

Kyah came to visit this week. Here is a picture of both babies while we are shopping. Niah is only about half pound bigger than Kyah but she is not a newborn anymore and I realized that after being around Kyah.

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