Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Malachi Turns 1

Dear Malachi

It is so hard to believe that you are one today.  It is a bitter sweet feeling.  I love the little man you have and will become but sad to say good bye to the baby.   From the second you came into my life you made it better.

You are such a sweet, happy boy that lights up our lives.  The instant we look at you, you smile ear to ear and you are such a joy.  I had no idea that I would enjoy raising a boy so much, but I absolutely love it.

You are a stubborn boy, and you know what you want but you have such a sweet sensitive spirit.  That is amazing qualities to have and I pray that you will use those qualities to do mighty things to further the Kingdom of the Lord.

You mean the world to me and I absolutely love you.


Your Mommy

My dear sweet baby turns 1 today.   I can not believe how fast time goes by!

You are a great eater and eats more than Niah does right now.  Your favorite food is MEAT.  You hava a well rounded diet and will try everything.  You are not completely satisfied until he gets breast milk (trying to figure out best way to break this habit).  You eat about 5 small meals a day.

You can say momma, dadda, hi/hey, thank you, that, and I have heard you say Niah a few times.  You babble a lot and will get into a mood and repeat lots of words.

You have no interest in walking, you only pull yourself to standing every once in awhile.  You gave of the army crawl on your birthday and now you crawl normal most of the time (in the last 24 hours).  We had to lower your bed last week for the first time since you were born because you were pulling yourself up.  You love music and will sing and bang on anything. 

Your favorite toy right now is the Little People setups with the slides.  You will play for 30-40 minutes with them.

You go to sleep at 7 and usually wake up at 7 eat and go back to sleep till 8- 8:30.  You usually go to sleep at night with no problems, just lay down and go right to sleep.  You take 2 naps, the first at 10 and sleep till noon, and then you wake up for an hour or so and go back down and sleep another hour.  You usually go right to sleep for your morning nap but will cry for your afternoon nap.  If you miss your afternoon nap you are ready for bed really by 6 but I try to get you to hold out till 6:30.

Yes I posted this a day late.