Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Body

Our little girl is growing up WAY TOO FAST!! She has been crawling for several weeks and can get into anything and everything she wants. Shelves, cabinets, drawers are no longer out of reach for her :-) I now have every bottom shelf, drawer, cabinet, or anything reachable is now kid friendly.... All things she can pull out and play with. She loves pulling things out of my drawers, pantry and baskets!! Which means there is absolutely nothing on my floor and it is swept daily!! If there is one crumb or leaf or anything she will find it!!

Just today she has learned to pull up and stand on her own. She has been trying for awhile and today she accomplished it. When I saw her pull up to a standing position, I was both excited and scared. Excited she did it and scared she was going to fall!! Our little girl has no concept of gravity, falling, or the fact that when she is 5 feet off the ground she can't just crawl off.

here are pics of her today

Niah is getting ready to leave for her family vacation. But for now mommy has to leave because she is getting into her suitcase and rearranging :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Our baby is CRAWLING all over the place. Niah gets up and goes and is into everything :-) Her curious mind takes her to doors, drawers, and cabinets. She loves to get into anything and pull stuff out, right now it is the cutest thing. Probably 3 months from now I will not think so. She is also sitting up from lying down. !!

Not only is Niah doing all of these things for a couple weeks but yesterday she figured out that she can sit up and crawl her in crib. I lay her down she crawls to the head of the bed and sits up and looks straight in the camera and smiles, like she knows. Bedtime has now gone to me constantly going into her room and laying her down. I am hoping with much persistance she will get it. The books, magazines, and good left out all kinds of important things like what to do when your baby HATES her carseat, when she sits up in her crib, when she does not want to pick up food with her hand but will eat it out of spoon, or when she does not like food at all! I guess I can tell those things :-)

We have been very busy the last few weeks but next weekend I am hoping that it will be a quiet weekend at home doing little jobs around the house and cleaning. Matthew has been on all kinds of projects for everyone else and I told him it was my turn next week :-) Good news is he was more than willingly agreed. I have a few pinterest ideas, this being one of them
Then after next weekend is VACATION!! Hot, bright sun, sandy beaches, and yummy food. What more could a girl ask for

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas and New Years

Our family has had an extremely busy December. It seems that the month went by way too fast and very soon I will have to sadly take down our christmas decorations.

Matthew and I truly enjoyed celebrating with Niah on her first Christmas. She started to get the hang of the opening presents and even got excited when she saw inside! Niah got puffs in her stocking and has tried them for the first time. She loves puffs but is still working on trying to get them in her mouth. She has a hard time releasing them, she wants to suck on it from her hand.
Here is a picture of Niah and Kyah opening presents

Here is Kyah and Niah playing with their toys

Niah brought in the new year with her best friend and cousin, Kyah. Niah gets so excited and loves to play with Kyah, it is adorable. I learned it takes a very planned woman to have twins as I was watching Kyah New Year's Eve. Niah did not like to see her mommy putting another baby to sleep either. Thankfully, both girls are great babies and the night was relatively smooth!
Here are the girls on New Years

Niah has been a busy girl this last month and has accomplished plenty. Niah now gets up on all fours on a regular basis, but does not crawl YET. She can now sit up from a laying down position. Niah thinks she can walk on her own but she is not quite there yet. She will push your hands off of you while standing up. She is also starting to pull up on the furniture to stand. She is liking food more and more. We can now eat our serving in 15 mins instead of 30 or 40 min. Our little girl is growing.... WAY too fast :-)