Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crazy Weather

I live in the Midwest more specifically Missouri. If you live in Missouri then you know how crazy the weather can be and this spring and has been worst than ever with temperature changes. One day it will be 80 and the next it will be 40 and last week was one of those weeks so some pictures we are outside enjoying the day and some we are inside trying to find fun things to do.

Here is my girl helping me make cookies

This is my little man happy to be out and about

One night little man wanted only me to hold him and so I could clean and hold him we worked out this arrangement

Here we are planting flowers

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dress Up days

This is my sweet kids on Sunday

Here are a few more of my classy kids

3 Months old

It does not seem possible that you are already 3 months old but yet it seems you have always been in the family. You are such a sweet bundle of joy.
This is the face he gives me when he wants something

You are still a great sleeper. You are getting up one time in the night around 3 or 4 between 9 pm and 7 am. You like to lay on your side when you sleep. Daddy was out of town this weekend so I let you sleep in your crib for the first time at night. You did great staying in the same routine at you do in your bassinet. You always sleep when we are out in about as soon as we get in the car. You never stay awake more than 2 hours at a time. You usually take 2 long naps of 2 or 3 hours and then cat naps in between of 30 or 40 minutes.

You are such a smiley boy and smile anytime someone talks to you. You love your sister and always smile and look at her. Your new favorite toy is you floor mat. You love to get to where your feet are kicking the side to move the dangling things. You only like tummy time when you are in a good mood and only do it for a few minutes at a time. You love baths. You are pretty ticklish.

You eat in the morning then wait 4 hours and then after that you go every 3 hours. You get about 2 pumped bottles a week and take them pretty good. You will not take more than 1 bottle a day. You were a huge fan of the pacifier but you seem to like it less and less, thank goodness. I am hoping you ween yourself off of it by the time you are 6 months old or Mommy is taking it at 6 months old.

You are still in 0-3 month clothes. I am guessing you are somewhere around 14 lbs or less. I will find out in a week. You are getting your first shots this month. You have a mongolian spot right on your heart. Your hair is still pretty dark, I am hoping it stays dark like mommy's. Your eyes are pretty dark but the color is not defined, the pediatrician said last month your eyes will be brown because eyes can only turn darker not lighter. You have a beautiful skin complexion.
The only time your cry is when you are hungry or have bad gas. The last couple of week you get gas and it hurts you to pass it, you usually will only calm down when mommy has you in the football hold. Gripe water also seems to help a lot.

We absolutely love you to pieces and can not imagine our lives without you. You are perfect in every way. I constantly pray God's will over your life.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy Life... Filled with lots of activities

The last couple weeks have flown by. I think when the weather gets nice time seems to pass more quickly. Life has been filled with lots of activities for the my babies.

We took Niah to a place called Miner Mikes, it is a huge tunnel maize with slides and ball pits. She was a little weary at first but loved it after only being there for minutes. I may take her back this weekend.

Baby boy is actually starting to stay awake more. He will go 1-2 hour stretches of awake time then he will sleep for long stretches.

Niah started swim classes. She did one session last year and we are doing a session this year. She shocked us with how much she loved the water. She is usually really careful and timid and she was the complete opposite at class. She loved the water and did not care if we went under or moved all over the pool.

Malachi is beginning to love his play mat, he likes to lay a certain way so he can kick the side and make the hanging things move. He will spend 20 or 30 minutes under it and love it, just laugh and laugh.

Niah did her first Easter hunt. She picked up fast what do and went for the candy. Daddy and Mommy have enjoyed having her candy as well.

Malachi does social smiles anytime you talk to him and babbles up a storm.

We are getting ready for Niah's second Birthday! This is so bitter sweet for me, I love the little girl/toddler she is but I am so sad to say good bye to baby Niah. Two really seemed to come up so quick. I am learning photography skills to take pictures of my kids and so I took pictures of Niah for her Birthday invitations and here is one of the pictures.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The not so fun moments of mommyhood

I love my kids and love everything about them. But in mommyhood there are those not so fun moments that 1. you feel terrible it is happening and 2. lets just be honest it is just gross and that was one of those weeks for me.

up until last week little man had been pooping with every diaper and then Sunday, no poop. Monday, no poop and monday evening he became very fussy, he is such a good baby does not usually ever cry and poor little guy was just crying and crying with bad gas. He only wanted me to hold him and he would calm down then he would have some gas and start crying again. After about an hour of on and off crying he finally went to sleep.

Here is how he went to sleep. Poor guy
The next day, I went immediately and got gripe water. I can not stand for my kids to ever cry and I did not want that to happen again. Thankfully, I did not have to use it on him. But Tues, no poop and then Wednesday afternoon, I heard him make this little noise like he pooped just a little bit. I thought well I will wait and see if he has to poop anymore. I waited 5 minutes and nothing happened so I decided to change him. I pulled off his pants and he had not pooped just a little, he pooped a lot!!! I had to call my sister in for help and the only thing we could think of was put him clothes and all into the sink.

Here is a picture

Then Wednesday night around 2:30 I hear my little girl, Niah scream, "Mommy," while crying. It is very rare for her to get up in the night and never does she have a scream like that so I went to her room and immedietely picked her up. When I picked her up not only did I smell it but I was now covered in throw up. Niah is almost 2 and she has only been sick 1 time and it was a bacterial infection in her throat. We went to the bathroom got cleaned up, changed clothes and never dealing with a sick throwing up child I was scared to let her go back to her bed, in fear she would throw up so I laid on the couch with her. She seemed perfectly fine on the couch just talking away to me. So after an hour went by and she still seemed fine, no tempature, I decided to put her back to bed. She woke up the next morning a little fussy but over all fine. She threw up one more time Thurseday afternoon but again seemed fine the rest of the time. Then Friday morning she was really fussy when she woke up only wanted me to carry her. Thirty minutes went by and I was carrying her and all of a sudden she threw up all over me. None went on the floor and very little got on her, just all over me. I learned that fussyness and wanting mommy was I am going to throw up. The rest of the day she was fine, got a little fussy after her nap and I remembered I had bought the gripe water so I decided to give her some to see if it will help, it has ginger in it. It helped or something because with in 30 minutes she quit fussying and no throwing up. I thought oh good we are over this. Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and we sit down and she got fussy all of sudden and 15 minutes later, yep she threw up all over me and the table, then said, "pancakes." We did clean up the mess and we did stay an she did eat pancakes. Never threw up again.

So this week I was filled with lots of not so fun mommy moments where you feel terrible for your babies as they hurt. Even though they were my kids, I was completely grossed out cleaning throw up and poop off of me and everything else. As a mom it may not always be fancy clothes and uptown living but I will take those not so fun moments to be with my kids. At the end of the week you just have to laugh about it.

Here are my sweet kids Easter Weekend

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