Friday, November 19, 2010

Decoration and Preparation for the Holidays

Our little bambino is 17 weeks and it is the size of an onion. It's hearing is getting better, so I have began reading and talking out loud so that the baby can be apart. I also love playing music, hoping that it will make the little bambino dance so I can feel it. Fat is starting to form and bones are starting to harden this week.

As, carrier and food provider for our little one, I take the job very serious and get very concerned that I am doing everything right. I would hate to be the cause of something that is wrong with our baby, all because I did not provide the right nutrition, got some bacteria from food, or that I did something that was not recommended for the expecting. I am anxious for our ultrasound, which the date is unknown, to find out how the little one is developing and doing. Sometimes, I get worried that since I have not felt any movement or that I don't visibly see the baby growing by my stomach expanding that something must be wrong. Which is followed with a little prayer of protection upon our little one and usually some fruits or vegetables.

As, I continue decorating our home for the holidays and really just in generally it makes me so excited for next year. Not that I want to rush by this year, but the anticipation is there. I am excited to have a little one to share the holidays with and to make it so much more fun. I put the first Christmas present under the tree and it was for Matthew. He didn't even ask who it was for or shake it, weigh it, or guess what it was when I told him it was for him. I will definately be doing all of that plus trying to get him to tell me what the present is when mine go under the tree so I will like to share my excitement with the little one. I also think it will be easier to talk Matthew into letting me open a present early if I have someone else asking (it always worked on my mom)! I mostly just love the holidays and love that I will get to impress that on our little one.

How is the dad doing in the pregnancy, some of you might ask? Well Matthew, I believe is still a little unsure of what to do. I read facts to him from books and magazines on how to take care of a baby and he is usually amazed at how many details matter. I think it makes him nervous to think about but likes that he still has months to process. I still have not let him in on the secret of how expensive babies are, I just keep telling him we need to save for baby. His respose is how expensive can a baby be.... I will let him figure that out when we go furniture shopping and we register, I think he will take it better. Matthew likes to rub my belly and point out when my belly bump is really showing. He says, he can't wait for the belly bump to get bigger. He would also like a boy.

Finally, I will give a small update on the house. It is really coming along, I have been hanging pictures and looking for little things to make it our home. I did not have a table so the other day I decided that I would set up our brand new patio furniture we bought at the end of the summer in the kitchen. Matthew thinks it is getto but we have eaten dinner at the table for the last 2 nights. We bought bar stools last weekend. This week I am going to buy some blinds for the bedrooms. We buy one item a week for the house.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I am so thankful for my home, our little bambino, and my husband.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pictures of the House!!

Well as promised I am going to post pictures of the house.

This is the front of the house with our grass that is trying to grow but we forget to water so you don't see any grass.

This is my Christmas wreath I made last Sunday and is now on our door.

The living room, we still need to buy some end tables and get a coffee table. I also would like a floor rug, the list goes on :-)

This is the kitchen

This is the Master Bedroom

Here is the master bath or at least parts of it.

I didn't take any pictures of the spare bedroom or the room that will be the nursery because there is no furniture in them yet and just has boxes. We are so thankful for our house and excited to continue working on it.

Now, for some funny comments that have been made since I have been pregnant.
This was the week I found out I was pregnant and was soo sick and we were on our third doctors visit in the car that week and hoping that someone could help me stop throwing up.
Matthew: If this is what happens when she is pregnant, I am going to get fixed today so she does not have to go through this again.

When my mom found my sister was pregnant she said, "I worried about this and said this the day Cara was born, that you guys would have babies close together.

I am 16 weeks, this week and the baby is the size of an avocado. It is starting to hear so I now talk to baby more often. Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are growing in.