Sunday, January 31, 2016

Be careful little eyes what you see

"Be careful little eyes what you see". 

I remember learning that song as a small child and would sing it often.

Fast forward 20 years and that song goes through my head daily, as I pray and seek wisdom for my littles.  Daily, I evaluate on what is ok and not ok for my children.  How do I teach them about this broken world and be cautious without putting fear in them.  How do I guard their hearts and protect their innocence.  The only way to do it, is wisdom from my Savior! And to shut down the influence of people, social media, and society! I have realized it is ok if my almost 5 year has never seen Frozen or an princess movie for that movie. That up until recently she didn't know it was a movie.  My son has never seen a super hero movie and may get batman and superman confused.  My kids will immediately run to us if someone tells them to keep a secret, they may yell the word "boundary" at weird times because they feel uncomfortable, they may even kick you and scream if you grab their hand in the store (the husband gave a class), and they may not know a lot of main stream things.

It was an easy decision, one that you know was God because you and your husband came up with the same thoughts without any conversations and feel so sure about it that you check everyday with each other on that day.  I in no way mean to offend anyone and I believe every parent knows their babies and has to decide what's right for them.  Why, we do we do it.  Well, my babies will only be little for a short time.  They have a short time to be protected from this broken world before they come across hurt, peer pressure, and life.

My little girl has the princess pjs, dress up dresses, and accessories!  My son has an avengers backpack.  They may think that Ariel and Jasmin are cousins under the sea and the next day sisters in a castle.

Right they imagine they are the princesses and prince and mommy and daddy are the king and queen.  That a dad dances with his daughter through the whole house and shows her how she is to be treated.  That a mom takes her son on special outings and he orders the food and learns to be a gentleman.  They watch their parents respect each other, love each other and work out conflict in a good way instead of watching unrealistic relationship.  Right now they do not know about boyfriend and girlfriends and have no need to know.   Right now they have no fears of villains. Right now, my daughter thinks the toy in her happy meal is a not pretty girl, that she threw away.

This is the raunchy stencil that she got in her McDonald's happy meal yesterday!

Is it realistic to do that?  I have to believe for my kids, yes.  

One day when the day is right, I will walk my daughter into a fairytale princess movie and be excited with her to watch.  One day my son may watch super Heroes and realize that they did more than stopping the not nice kid on the playground.  One day, when we believe that it is right for our family.  But until then my daughter will dance in the hallway with her dad and imagine what princesses do.  And my son will save the kids being picked on and learn to be a gentleman from his mom.

"Be Careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little hands what you do, be careful little feet where you go, and be careful little mouth what you say" 

Remember I am in no way judging any parent, our job as parents is to decide what's right for our kids and it will be completely different for every family.  And every parent has the same ultimate goal to protect and raise our littles the best we can.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Little Man is 3

A little emotional thinking that my little man is 3 today.  You are the sweetest boy and say the sweetest things but in the next minute you are tearing down your sister's hard work at building with blocks.  You love blocks, you play with those the most, then are trucks and trains.  You are sensitive to other people being loud, smells, and unclean spaces (you do not seem to mind if it is you).  You preferred to be carried over walking, and you only like short distance running but prefer sitting down activities.  Your favorite foods are ice cream or Popsicle, strawberries, and chocolate milk.

I adore your faith.  You immediately pray when something is wrong and then believe it to be done!  You are a calculated risk taker and weigh your pros and cons.  You will go on huge roller coasters with Mommy or daddy but refuse to ride a kiddie ride by yourself.  You have such a personable personality you win the hearts of anyone that knows you!  I love your innocence and that it has yet to be tainted, Mommy and Daddy pray for wisdom and knowledge on how to keep it that way every day!

You are a man that knows what you want and you stick to your guns! There is no convincing you otherwise which we respect and love!

I can not tell you enough how much we love you!!  You tell me all the time that I am the bestest mommy in the world but you are the bestest son in the world.   You daily teach me to have patience, how to think out of the box trying to guide and direct your rampant personality without harming your imagination and who you are.  The twos have stretched me as a mommy and hopefully made me a better mommy but I would not change a minute of it!  I welcome the "trying threes" and excited for what is in store, but a little glum that your getting bigger.  

I hope you know how much we love you!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Real life

I put the kids to bed early the other night  because they boycotted their nap and were cranky.  My kids are no fun when they are tired ☹ That's why I love a set schedule because it prevents the ugly from coming out.

Such as this video from a couple weeks ago when the ugly came out

Anyways, early bedtime so there was no melt downs.  Which worked well for me since I had 2.5 weeks of laundry to fold for 5 people (rethinking having so many clothes and not doing laundry over the holidays)

Two hours of folding and hanging, but I turned on the classic Pride and Prejudice and the time passed quickly. 

Then the real fun started (said in complete sarcasm). My little man was not acting right real fussy said his tummy hurt.  We laid him on my bed and My husband came out to the laundry madness and we were chatting away.  All of a sudden I hear some thing and go to the bedroom to check, strawberry throw all over my bed.  I grabbed little man took him to the bathroom, on the way strawberry throw up all over me.  Good news we made it to the toilet and he felt much better and was all done.  My weak stomach husband wants to throw everything away!! My sheets, pillows, blankets, pjs! I quickly told him pile it all take to laundry as I am running water for little man that is singing and begging bubbles!  Clean bed with baking powder, start washer, clean child, put new sheets on, find clean pillows, clean floor and husband comes in after dressing little man gagging, "you still have throw up on you."  SILENCE 

Good news! little man was not sick anymore and everyone got sleep.  Putting away laundry waited! 

Some days are like this. (Perfection, well almost)

Others involve throw up, laundry, no naps, and a bed with no sheets! 
Anyone have a crazy real life situation out there you want to share?