Friday, January 8, 2016

Real life

I put the kids to bed early the other night  because they boycotted their nap and were cranky.  My kids are no fun when they are tired ☹ That's why I love a set schedule because it prevents the ugly from coming out.

Such as this video from a couple weeks ago when the ugly came out

Anyways, early bedtime so there was no melt downs.  Which worked well for me since I had 2.5 weeks of laundry to fold for 5 people (rethinking having so many clothes and not doing laundry over the holidays)

Two hours of folding and hanging, but I turned on the classic Pride and Prejudice and the time passed quickly. 

Then the real fun started (said in complete sarcasm). My little man was not acting right real fussy said his tummy hurt.  We laid him on my bed and My husband came out to the laundry madness and we were chatting away.  All of a sudden I hear some thing and go to the bedroom to check, strawberry throw all over my bed.  I grabbed little man took him to the bathroom, on the way strawberry throw up all over me.  Good news we made it to the toilet and he felt much better and was all done.  My weak stomach husband wants to throw everything away!! My sheets, pillows, blankets, pjs! I quickly told him pile it all take to laundry as I am running water for little man that is singing and begging bubbles!  Clean bed with baking powder, start washer, clean child, put new sheets on, find clean pillows, clean floor and husband comes in after dressing little man gagging, "you still have throw up on you."  SILENCE 

Good news! little man was not sick anymore and everyone got sleep.  Putting away laundry waited! 

Some days are like this. (Perfection, well almost)

Others involve throw up, laundry, no naps, and a bed with no sheets! 
Anyone have a crazy real life situation out there you want to share?

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