Friday, November 20, 2015

A few little funnies

Little time for blogging as it feels like yesterday, I had Cora and now she is 7.5 months. Did I mention I have an almost 5 year old, just merely typing it makes me want to break out in bitter sweet tears.  Oh don't forget my baby boy who is not so baby any more but a boy who is almost 3!  Life is going way too fast so we are trying to soak it up!

Life with my 3 littles is amazing but comes with a few changes.  3 means you have to be a lot more careful in public because you only have 2 hands.  So we are well planned and go over the rules, the goal maintain control and keep everyone safe while not breaking anything. We are successful 99% of the time!  We won't talk about the other 1% where mom's look at you and know exactly what you are going through and people without children think, "if I had kids....."

But I thought I would leave you with some absolutely adorable stories about my babies!!

Malachi is my ornery, sweet boy.  One minute he is just doing something you could never think a toddler would think of such as, Just this week he was mad at me because I made him go to the bathroom by himself (which he 100% can and I believe in making my kids be self sufficient to set them up for success in adulthood) and he comes out in the cutest scrunched face and says, "I tried to go to the bathroom like a big boy and missed!"  What!  You never stand up, we go in there and he missed, he got everything but the toilet.  Bath number 4 this week and it is only Tues!  In the same hour, he grabs my hand while I am sitting and says, "You are my best friend."  Something he does often and says with such sincerity!

Niah, is my compassionate girl!  She thinks about people and feels others emotions (similar to me).  I was hanging the stockings and she asked whose stocking is whose.  I began to tell her and I said I am one short so I will have to buy one for me.  She replied, "Mommy you can have mine until you get yours"  Of course I told her, "We can share."

Malachi has just now figured out he can climb out of his bed and he was taking a nap and I kept threatening him and knew the next time he got out I was going to have to lock the door.  He of course got out again and he saw the door was being locked.  He began to beg me not to lock the door.  I told him I would give him one more chance and his response was which has does often, "Mom I just really need you to pray for me."

Cora is army crawling everywhere!!  All over the house, she goes.  She is really struggling with separation anxiety and begins to cry if she crawls out of the room I am in or I leave the room.  She has begin to play the game where she won't let certain people hold her and then smiles as she turns away.  She has began eating food.  Did I mention I can not believe my baby is mobile!!

So we enjoying life and embracing the chaos!!

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