Friday, October 29, 2010

One Less Spare Bedroom

The house is done, well almost done, minus the millions of small jobs everywhere that I feel we will continue to work on as long as we live there :-) We built a house to have 3 spare bedrooms, plenty of room for friends and family to come visit. We love to have visitors :-) It seems we love visitors so much that we decided to have a permanent visitor, an addition to our family. We will have a new arrival, a bundle of joy around April 27th. If you have not already guessed, I will help you along, we are expecting a beautiful baby, April 27th!! I am 15 weeks along and had no idea how much work pregnancy was.

This is the baby at 11 weeks. The one at 6 weeks looks like just a ball or dot so I didn't show it.

Here is a little update on the the pregnancy so far to get everyone up to speed. The first 12 weeks were full of alot of miserable excitement. And by excitement, I mean a trip to the E.R. and several doctor's visits in a matter of a week. Morning sickness has a whole new meaning and it is anything but morning, it is I can't get out of bed and throw up all day long. The days I did feel good, I just thought to myself, no one explains pregnancy the way I feel, which was anything but good. But thankfully that has passed and now I only have mild discomfort and manageable nausea but thankfully rarely throwing up. Right now the baby is the size of an orange. My last doctor's visit, probably due to "morning sickness" I had only gained 1 pound, thankfully!! I feel there is a little visible bump but usually I am the only one that notices it. We have purchased a changing table, because we found a great deal and now on the look out for a crib and rocking chair. We have a white room waiting to find out if our baby will be a boy or a girl to decorate.
We are thankfull there will be some time in between the house getting done and our new arrival to prepare and get ready.
Here is an update on the house. We have been staying in the house since Saturday. I have been unpacking and cleaning and wiping walls, trim, doors, and floors to get rid of the dust but I do believe it will be an ongoing problem for a little while. I am going to take on the task of cleaning the garage to get rid of the dust in there. Matthew is out of town so he can not say too much but he hates when I move his tools around!!
We have some furniture, enough to get by but will slowly buy the rest. On piece at a time. Right now, we are in the market for end tables, coffee table, bar stools, and bedroom furniture. Matthew is going to build my huge closet with shelves and organizers but right now it is an empty room. So thankful for my handyman. I will post pictures of the house soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Move In Date.....

The plan is to move in this weekend!!! Yay!! I am not going to post any pictures on this post because I am going to wait to post lots of pictures when we move in.

The countertops are in and the appliances are just waiting for someone to move them into their spot. Matthew thinks me and him can do it by ourselves and I explain to him that WE, as in ME can not move a refridgerator, oven, or dishwasher. It took like 4 guys to move my dad's so I am not sure why he thinks WE can move them alone.

This weekend Matthew's parents were in town. Matthew and his dad worked on tiling the bathtub in our bathroom. His mom and I painted some doors and did the tedious job of putting calk on every nail hole in the base boards and door frames.

Oh I will post one picture, of our idea for the fireplace side in the kitchen. Matthew said he can make this.

The last couple of days of I have been cleaning like crazy!! We burned tons of stuff on Sunday as well. I have also began to realize having trees brings on the project of leaves!! So I have been kind of keeping up with that, by that I mean raked and burned them once and now there is twice as many on the ground. But there is still more to clean. Tonight we are going to pick up mattresses, door knobs, and a million other little small things at Menards. Menards is a huge and I mean huge store that has everything. I am also hoping I can talk Matthew into eating at Chipotle, he does not really like it. I on the other hand love it, I will even take it to go, if I have to.

I have also decided that since fall will be almost done by the time I move in. I am going to put minimal fall decor. Maybe decorate my table for fall and a pumpkin on the porch but will immediately begin decorating for CHRISTMAS!! Christmas decor is out in stores, why not in my house :-) Matthew will be gone the first week of November and I think that will be when I begin my Christmas decorating with Christmas music. Shhh, do not tell him, he will probably not embrace the Christmas spirit yet.

So I will have pictures for you at the beginning of next week.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Doors, trim, and plumbing

The Kings have been very busy with the house! The floors are done, completely done!
Here is a picture in the living room.

The interior doors are up

Now, we are waiting for the plumbers to come back and finish up, so we can have water in our house. We are also waiting for the septic to be installed. It is currently sitting in our front yard. I will have to admit we look a little white trash with all of the random items in our front yard.
I went and bought our appliances last week. They should be delivered sometime this week. Finally, our beautiful and very inexpensive (because I found a wonderful sale) granite countertops are being installed on friday. I was not even considering granite and I found these countertops on sale and they were the same price as laminate. Not only that but this week we were able to return some extra flooring we had bought and got more money back on our countertops. We then found crown molding super cheap and used the cash to buy crown molding and a million other little things that you do no think about. Thank you Jesus for the little blessings along with the big.
My husband has been hard at work on making our island beautiful, he added great trim and hung my corbels. So glad that I have such a talented handyman. I will try and take some pictures of the island.
I am now getting very anxious and want to start moving boxes in and I would, if they didn't come in every day and make everything dirty and dusty. I hope to be moving in this weekend!!!