Monday, October 4, 2010

Doors, trim, and plumbing

The Kings have been very busy with the house! The floors are done, completely done!
Here is a picture in the living room.

The interior doors are up

Now, we are waiting for the plumbers to come back and finish up, so we can have water in our house. We are also waiting for the septic to be installed. It is currently sitting in our front yard. I will have to admit we look a little white trash with all of the random items in our front yard.
I went and bought our appliances last week. They should be delivered sometime this week. Finally, our beautiful and very inexpensive (because I found a wonderful sale) granite countertops are being installed on friday. I was not even considering granite and I found these countertops on sale and they were the same price as laminate. Not only that but this week we were able to return some extra flooring we had bought and got more money back on our countertops. We then found crown molding super cheap and used the cash to buy crown molding and a million other little things that you do no think about. Thank you Jesus for the little blessings along with the big.
My husband has been hard at work on making our island beautiful, he added great trim and hung my corbels. So glad that I have such a talented handyman. I will try and take some pictures of the island.
I am now getting very anxious and want to start moving boxes in and I would, if they didn't come in every day and make everything dirty and dusty. I hope to be moving in this weekend!!!

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