Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Down to the Finish Working

The last week and a half have been very busy. Every night after work is spent at the house working on something. But progress has been made aside from a very tired girl!!
I have done most of the painting, well me and my mom. We have painted all of the rooms in the house, I just have some cut in work to be done. Which I am told needs to be done by tomorrow, not sure I will get all of it done but we will see!! I have gotten to the point where, I do not even care if all the paint comes off in the shower because I know there will be more paint on me in a matter of time.
They started laying our tile. We have tile in both bathrooms and in the entry hall. The hallway and the masterbath have been done.
This is the hallway!!

This is the Master bath

We have kitchen cabinets!! Terry and Lisa, our wonderful friends came and helped us or I should say helped Matthew hand the cabinets. We still have to do the trim and we are waiting on countertops (2 weeks) but the cabinets look great!! They are an antique white with a dark glaze around the wood work. Here are some pictures of the cabinets, it was hard to get good pictures because there was so much stuff on them due to the fact we were trying to get everything off the floor for flooring.

Finally, We have light fixtures!!! Matthew and I hung 7 light fixtures last night. When he was ready to start the 8th after midnight, I said "I can not do another one tonight!!" So we quit for the night!! Matthew found it fun to quiz me over the wires and what each one was called.... I told him, I didn't need to know because I had him :-) My uncle is here working away at the electrical. So today, we should have power to our light fixtures and hopefully air conditioning!! Here is one picture of the seven that we hung. This one is in our master bedroom.

Hopefully, they will start the rest of the flooring, tomorrow!! Matthew and I are going to lay the flooring in the spare bedrooms.... Another, skill, I will learn how to do. Then after the flooring will come the trim work and just odds and end of stuff!! It is hard to believe that less than 4 months ago it looked like this

And now we have a house!! God has definately blessed us and guided us along the way to find the right workers and help and materials. We are soo excited!!!

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