Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Painting, Oh Painting!!

Monday started painting the ceilings and priming the walls. Yesterday, Matthew and I bought paint for the living room, hallway, master bedroom, and the hall bathroom. Picking colors we agreed on was quite the process. I think dark floors lighter color walls, he thinks hunter green would be good for anything. I think we already have our bedspread so lets pick a color that goes with that, he thinks hunter green would be the best color. After lots of thought and conversations we picked colors. We painting the living room and hallway last night and both agreed we really like the color we chose. Whether we like it because it looks good or like it because we both wanted the color it doesn't matter :-) We like it!! I have pictures but it was really late when I took them and I do not think it really shows what color it is.


The siding is almost done and we got a garage door!! In the picture you will have to disregard all the trash and misc stuff in the front of the house!!

The rest of this week, will be spent painting, painting, and painting. They will start the flooring on Tues. We will start tile work as soon as we are done painting. Cabinets come on Thur.
Move in date is getting so close that, I can't really believe it!! We are so thankful for everything that God has provided us. We are now looking for a great interest rate on a mortgage which now is the time to do it.... We have found.

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