Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How things change

Since I have become a mom almost 3 months ago many things have changed. I think of all scheduling with Niah's eating schedule and decide how to procede through out the day. I no longer work 12-15 hour days, Niah is my priority and although she can go to work with me she also needs time with just me and no other distractions. I am not as anal about my house being clean, I still clean my house and it stays clean but I would rather spend more time playing and caring for her then waste it cleaning when we get home. Now, I may not sweep and mop the floors several times a week it may only get mopped once. I may only get to cleaning the bathrooms once a week. My husband still thinks I am anal about it though :-) I now think about Niah before making any decisions, such as the trip to Alaska, I am contemplating on whether Niah can handle the long day travel, time change, and being away from home for that long. When I go shopping, I usually do not buy anything for myself but always a cute outfit for my little girl. Currently, my living room has a play mat, car seat, bouncer, swing, and stroller, we have become babies r us.

Niah is almost 3 months old. She is really talking and interacting. When she sees a familiar face she will immediately smile and lately she has started crying when she focuses on an unfamiliar face. She does not like people with any kind of glasses. Her new favorite toy is her floor mat. She hates to be cold so we go outside and walk when she is cold. One of her favorite things is to take a nap in our bed with me, she will sleep as long as I sleep. We are working on her going to sleep by herself. Anytime she is tired, we lay her down so she does not go to sleep being held. She now goes to sleep at 10 and wakes up at 9 am. She is still in newborn but she just started wearing smaller 0-3 months.

We just love our little Niah!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Standing, sitting, and rolling

Niah is growing and developing, everyday she amazes us. Niah loves to stand up with help, it makes her feel big. She likes to sit up on your lap as well. She tries to mimmick noises and things that you do with your mouth, it is so cute. Daddy says he saw Niah roll over from her back to stomach but she has not repeated it yet.

Niah has extremely dark eyes now instead of the cloudy blue she was born with, they look like a charcoal color. She has very dark hair and the hair she lost on top is growing back and she has a head full of hair. She is still wearing newborn clothes but I think she will be transitiong to 0-3 months by the end of July.

Niah is very opinionated and lets you know when she does not like something. She hates being passed from person to person and gets very fussy when done. She has certain ways she likes to be held and still loves to be in her mommy's arms when she is very tired. Niah is not a huge fan of bottles but we try a bottle a day, if it doesn't work out then we just throw it away. Niah loves riding on the golf cart or in the boat, she goes to sleep instantly. We just started using the jump a roo and she loves it but she is too short for her feet to touch the ground. She can spend over an hour in the jump a roo. Niah now sleeps in her bassinet every night with no problems. She takes naps on a flat surface as well, the only thing she requires is that it be very soft, if not it will not work. She is doing a wonderful job of falling asleep without being held and we try to not hold her while she is sleeping to teach healthy sleeping patterns. Niah is really starting to "talk" and we love to hear her babbles. She loves the outdoors and loves her walks in the stroller with mommy.

Niah is definately a joy in our lives and can not imagine our life without her.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Monthes Old

Our baby girl was 2 months old on Monday, July 5th. She had her 2 month appt. on tues. Niah weighs 9lbs 14 oz, she is 21 1/2 inches long. Niah is in the 11% for her age but she is officially on the chart!! Even though Niah is almost 10 lbs for some reason she does not fit in 0-3 months yet (they are huge, and newborn fits nicely! Niah is developing well and the dr was impressed with her desire to communicate, smile, laugh, and mimmick people. She tries to move her mouth the same way you do and tries to make the same noises as you do. Niah got her 2 month vaccinations at her appointment. We gave her the small dose of infant tylenol, like they suggested. She cried when she got her shot but calmed down instantly when I started nursing her afterwards. She was fine for several hours after the shot, then all of sudden she wakes up screaming in pain. My poor baby was in pain from the shot and her little thigh was swollen. The rest of the day we had to hold her leg still so she wouldn't move it and cry because of the pain and we kept ice packs on it. By the late evening she was feeling much better. It broke my poor heart.

Niah loves to sit up and look around. But even more than sitting up Niah loves to stand up. It is so cute she uses her hands to keep her balance even though we are holding on to her waist and when she is confident she has good balance she tries to take steps. During, tummy time she tries to crawl and gets very frustrated she can't get anywhere fast. she can usually pull herself forward a couple times over a 30 min period. She has started wanting to play more. For over an hour one day she learned how to kick the blanket off her legs. So she would kick it off on to the floor and start laughing. Then we would put it back on and the process continued. Each time she kicked it off she would just laugh.
This is her kicking the blanket off

The next few pictures are of some things we have done to the house. Some landscaping and rock work we just recently did to the house. We also got a mirror for the master bathroom and put it up.