Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Monthes Old

Our baby girl was 2 months old on Monday, July 5th. She had her 2 month appt. on tues. Niah weighs 9lbs 14 oz, she is 21 1/2 inches long. Niah is in the 11% for her age but she is officially on the chart!! Even though Niah is almost 10 lbs for some reason she does not fit in 0-3 months yet (they are huge, and newborn fits nicely! Niah is developing well and the dr was impressed with her desire to communicate, smile, laugh, and mimmick people. She tries to move her mouth the same way you do and tries to make the same noises as you do. Niah got her 2 month vaccinations at her appointment. We gave her the small dose of infant tylenol, like they suggested. She cried when she got her shot but calmed down instantly when I started nursing her afterwards. She was fine for several hours after the shot, then all of sudden she wakes up screaming in pain. My poor baby was in pain from the shot and her little thigh was swollen. The rest of the day we had to hold her leg still so she wouldn't move it and cry because of the pain and we kept ice packs on it. By the late evening she was feeling much better. It broke my poor heart.

Niah loves to sit up and look around. But even more than sitting up Niah loves to stand up. It is so cute she uses her hands to keep her balance even though we are holding on to her waist and when she is confident she has good balance she tries to take steps. During, tummy time she tries to crawl and gets very frustrated she can't get anywhere fast. she can usually pull herself forward a couple times over a 30 min period. She has started wanting to play more. For over an hour one day she learned how to kick the blanket off her legs. So she would kick it off on to the floor and start laughing. Then we would put it back on and the process continued. Each time she kicked it off she would just laugh.
This is her kicking the blanket off

The next few pictures are of some things we have done to the house. Some landscaping and rock work we just recently did to the house. We also got a mirror for the master bathroom and put it up.

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