Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cora Faith's Birth Story Part 2

Sorry for the delay but hey I have 3 babies, 4 and under, so sometimes things don't happen in a timely fashion.  We are also busy doing life and having fun.

As we are driving to the hospital, the contractions begin to have a little pain with them and they were beginning to be pretty close.  I was sure that I was in labor at this point but I was hoping that I was progressing, as far as dilation goes.  We get to the hospital and I start filling out the paperwork.  The nurses were surprised my contractions were so close since I called in and very nonchalantly acted like I could be in labor but maybe not. 

They took me back to a room and decided to check me.  It was 10:15 pm and I was between a 7-8 dilated and I was a station 0.   Then the nurse said, "your water is right there.:  Matthew said, "bring on the epidural" and I said, "let's wait."  So we called our families and let them know I was in fact in labor and this baby was coming.  If I had her in the night another doctor in my doctor's office would deliver her because he was on his way home from being out of town. But she was in fact going to let me try for a vbac as well.

The contractions were getting stronger and harder and they decided at 11:15 to check me again.  They said you are still around a 7-8.   The nurse kept saying, "your water is right in the way of allowing your baby to come down and help with progression.  If it wasn't night time we would have the dr come in and break your water and you would probably have the baby right away but we can't call her in unless you are having the baby or something is wrong."  So at 11:40 we decided to get an epidural since there was no progression and we could literally be waiting all night for the dr to come.

My hopes of having a baby at night and being home by morning to surprise the kids with their new sister slowly started to diminish as I learned that a doctor is not going to come in unless there is a baby ready to be born at that very instant.  So we tried to rest and I secretly kept hoping that my water would break on its own but I was way to anxious to sleep.

At 7:15 the dr., my doctor, came in and broke my water and left to go change.  The nurse came in and told me to do a few practice pushes we did one push and she said don't do anything this baby is coming!  She had someone run to get the doctor.  The next thing I know is a few pushes later, my sweet baby girl was in my arms.  She was born at 7:47 am and weighed in at 6 lbs 12 ounces and was 19 inches long.

I was hoping to be released soon, I just needed my pediatrician to discharge the baby, when I was sorely disappointed that she was not going to discharge us because she was out of town.  I then secretly thought I should have had the baby at home (kidding, kind of).

My babies came to see me and meet their new sister and it was so sweet to have my 3 babies together.

We waited the entire day before we named our sweet girl and came up with Cora Faith.

We were home from the hospital and home by 10 am that next day and my heart was so happy and relieved to be home with my 3 babies!