Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Malachi's Birth Story

It all started Monday, January 14th, I had a drs. appointment at 11:30. The dr checked me and said right before he checked me, "You probably have not progressed past the 4 you were at last week but lets check." He checked me and made a face and said with a surprise tone, "You have progressed to a 6+." A little shocked and relieved at the same time since I had not felt a single contraction. The dr. tried to get me to go to the hospital right then but I said I would really like to wait and see what happens plus I had an interview to get my minister credentials that afternoon I didn't want to miss. He then informed that at any point I wanted to go to the hospital they would check me in and any kind of contraction head to the hospital.

The car ride home Matthew was beginning to get nervous about the progress I made and the possibility of him delivering the baby because we did not make in time to the hospital. We headed back to the camp and everyone we told became very nervous for me. After the interview and we were just sitting in my office Matthew kept bringing up the hospital and I said ok lets go. We went home and I finished packing my bag, organized a few things and we headed to go through a drive through to get something to eat then headed to get checked in at the hospital. The nurse hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor and the contraction monitor and said, "you act like you do not even feel those contractions." I then told her I had no idea I was having contractions. She then told me I was in active labor with contractions 2 mins or less apart about 1 min long contractions. Shortly after that the dr came in and checked me and told me I was now an 8+ and was very glad I came in. At 3:30 he broke my water and said it should go quickly. He came in and checked me at about 4:30 and I was a 10 but the baby was still at a station -2 so he thought since I was not feeling contractions we would wait and see if we could get the baby to drop. I agreed at that time to go on pitocin to get stronger contractions to see if I could feel the contractions and it would help the baby drop. About a half hour later he decided he would see if I could push the baby down. So about 5:00 we started pushing. For 2 1/2 hours I pushed, pushed with no aide at all, Pushed with the help of a vacuum, pushed with the dr. trying to help, and the baby was coming down but would go right back up. Finally the dr. said I needed to rest and recommended a c-section. He said a second baby will usually come out with out any pushing with a vacuum and there is something that it is keeping the baby from coming down. My initial reaction was immediate tears of the fear of a c-section and asked the dr. if I could think about. He told me I could wait and see if the baby would come down further and talk it over. At this time I started getting contractions I could feel.

An hour went by and during that time I as well as Matthew got a peace about the c-section if the baby did not drop. I am so thankful for a good dr. that tried his hardest to give me a natural birth and that was very compassionate, who checked me several times to see if the baby had dropped down, even checked me in the operating room before doing the spinal tap just to make sure. There was no change so we proceeded with a spinal tap, again God had his hand on me and gave me an extremely attentive and compassionate anesthesiologist. Matthew was able to come in the room and hold my hand during the whole procedure which took from the time the spinal tap went in to the time they were done was 30 mins. As soon as the Dr. and the assisting Dr. saw Malachi they both said there was no way he would have come through the birth canal based on his side. The second I heard his cry, I began to cry tears of relief that this wonderful gift from God had made it safely. The instant they sat him next to me on the table he stopped crying and just laid next to me and then they took him away so they could clean him off and he began crying again.

Malachi was 7 lbs 8 oz, 19 3/4 inches tall, and a head circumference of 13 3/4. So he was not even a huge baby but he was 2 lbs bigger than Niah. We are absolutely in love with our little man and try to take advantage of every day with him because we know time is short.
Niah Loves him

I know this is a long post but before I end I want to say how thankful I am for such a caring husband I have. He has been by my side and supported me through the hospital stay, recovery, and even my emotional post pregnancy break down day. I can't imagine going through life with anyone else.

The Life Of Faith

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Resolution and Worldly Things

I am a little late for posting a 2013 resolution and this really is not a complete resolution. In my defense I started writing this before 2012 was up. I am constantly seeking God for my family and how to be a good mom and raising a child in this world and this is a goal and a resolution that I have for not only this year but a lifetime. Read this and understand I make no judgments and this is my opinion only. I do not believe that anyone has to believe the same way I do.

I live and see around me everyday how satan is constantly trying to destroy families and create broken people. At the grocery store the heavily intoxicated man that is yelling at his wife to by my alcohol or the buying and selling of drugs with all of a family's money and a child's needs are not met. The instances could go on and on but it surrounds us. Through my teenage years alcohol and drugs use to make me extremely nervous and scared. As I entered a Christian School, I was introduced to a whole new concept of there is nothing wrong with social drinking. The theory was based on the passages of the Bible saying following the rules of the land, not to get drunk, and not to let anyone else stumble. I thought about this concept and thought well I could accept that and not necessarily do that but believe that it was ok.

As time has passed,and more experiences, motherhood, and just looking at the world. I can honestly say I can not accept that concept. I can not accept that or believe dabbling in any kind of worldly pleasure. I believe that satan wants us to think that way so that he can get away in our lives, get in our families lives, and eventually do what he does best and destroy. Like I said that this is my opinion and this is how I am choosing to live but as for my family, I am not going to allow satan even the slightest chance of using the things of this world to destroy. I walk into a church and see hurting kids every week due to the affects of worldly things being entered into their families. Broken families, broken kids, broken parents, broken homes they do not just happen but the enemy finds away in to break and this year especially I am taking special time to pray against the enemy and his schemes to pray for not only my family but families in generally. Broken homes did not use to be normal and it seems it is more and more normal.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2 weeks and counting

I have two weeks till my due date but if this baby is anything like Niah it will not be ready to come out until it is forced. I am hoping that is not the case and I am starting off better since I am 1 cm dialated. The baby has yet to drop and the dr.'s only response is you are the medical term of, "Not ripe." I am ready for this baby anytime after the 15th.

That is ok with me because I have few things to finish up which include:

1. Finishing up the last preparations for the nursery. My mom is going to KC to find me a changing table/dresser this weekend. Still need a light fixture and a little work to finish the bedding.

2. I have 2 weeks of meals already prepared and in the freezer and all you have to do is pop it in the oven and I am going to do one more week of meals.

3. Finish up some things at work with the New year including tax things.

4. An important meeting and interview at work on the 14th.

5. Finishing a few cleaning jobs at the house, as well as continuing to get rid of stuff. I feel like with one less closet and one more person we need to keep less. I have sold bags and bags of clothes, jewelry, and things and have thrown out and given aways tons of toys and things we don't use.

6. Finishing spending as much time with my little girl before she has sibling.

My wonderful husband (he never reads my blog so I am saying this because I mean it) put a second shelf in the baby's room and a dimmer I asked him to do, as well as refinishing a dresser for Niah's room all this week. He as well took care of Niah for 3 hours one day when I was sick with a stomach bug and even made her breakfast and lunch.

I have been so blessed and thankful by people that have been calling me and asking what I need for baby. I also haven been finishing up the last minute purchases for baby and house.

Trying to not be anxious so I try to not think about how close it is until I get to hold this baby in my arms. That I have carried, thought about, and already bonded with over the last 9 months.