Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Resolution and Worldly Things

I am a little late for posting a 2013 resolution and this really is not a complete resolution. In my defense I started writing this before 2012 was up. I am constantly seeking God for my family and how to be a good mom and raising a child in this world and this is a goal and a resolution that I have for not only this year but a lifetime. Read this and understand I make no judgments and this is my opinion only. I do not believe that anyone has to believe the same way I do.

I live and see around me everyday how satan is constantly trying to destroy families and create broken people. At the grocery store the heavily intoxicated man that is yelling at his wife to by my alcohol or the buying and selling of drugs with all of a family's money and a child's needs are not met. The instances could go on and on but it surrounds us. Through my teenage years alcohol and drugs use to make me extremely nervous and scared. As I entered a Christian School, I was introduced to a whole new concept of there is nothing wrong with social drinking. The theory was based on the passages of the Bible saying following the rules of the land, not to get drunk, and not to let anyone else stumble. I thought about this concept and thought well I could accept that and not necessarily do that but believe that it was ok.

As time has passed,and more experiences, motherhood, and just looking at the world. I can honestly say I can not accept that concept. I can not accept that or believe dabbling in any kind of worldly pleasure. I believe that satan wants us to think that way so that he can get away in our lives, get in our families lives, and eventually do what he does best and destroy. Like I said that this is my opinion and this is how I am choosing to live but as for my family, I am not going to allow satan even the slightest chance of using the things of this world to destroy. I walk into a church and see hurting kids every week due to the affects of worldly things being entered into their families. Broken families, broken kids, broken parents, broken homes they do not just happen but the enemy finds away in to break and this year especially I am taking special time to pray against the enemy and his schemes to pray for not only my family but families in generally. Broken homes did not use to be normal and it seems it is more and more normal.

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