Thursday, January 3, 2013

2 weeks and counting

I have two weeks till my due date but if this baby is anything like Niah it will not be ready to come out until it is forced. I am hoping that is not the case and I am starting off better since I am 1 cm dialated. The baby has yet to drop and the dr.'s only response is you are the medical term of, "Not ripe." I am ready for this baby anytime after the 15th.

That is ok with me because I have few things to finish up which include:

1. Finishing up the last preparations for the nursery. My mom is going to KC to find me a changing table/dresser this weekend. Still need a light fixture and a little work to finish the bedding.

2. I have 2 weeks of meals already prepared and in the freezer and all you have to do is pop it in the oven and I am going to do one more week of meals.

3. Finish up some things at work with the New year including tax things.

4. An important meeting and interview at work on the 14th.

5. Finishing a few cleaning jobs at the house, as well as continuing to get rid of stuff. I feel like with one less closet and one more person we need to keep less. I have sold bags and bags of clothes, jewelry, and things and have thrown out and given aways tons of toys and things we don't use.

6. Finishing spending as much time with my little girl before she has sibling.

My wonderful husband (he never reads my blog so I am saying this because I mean it) put a second shelf in the baby's room and a dimmer I asked him to do, as well as refinishing a dresser for Niah's room all this week. He as well took care of Niah for 3 hours one day when I was sick with a stomach bug and even made her breakfast and lunch.

I have been so blessed and thankful by people that have been calling me and asking what I need for baby. I also haven been finishing up the last minute purchases for baby and house.

Trying to not be anxious so I try to not think about how close it is until I get to hold this baby in my arms. That I have carried, thought about, and already bonded with over the last 9 months.

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