Friday, February 24, 2012

Teeth brings lots of talking

Niah's bottome 2 teeth came in while we were on vacation but now her top 2 teeth are coming in. She looks so cute with her little teeth.
Here is a picture with her teeth... You have no idea how long it took me to get a pic of them

Not only is Niah getting teeth but she is talking up a storm. She says hi, bye, dada, mama, whoa, huh,oww and a whole lot of other consonant sounds. Niah learned whoa because we would say it and she would mimmick and now she says it all the time like when she did something she thinks is cool or when she falls down. She tries to mimmick not only sounds but words a few words she will mimmick is oww, rubber ducky, and ohh. You never know what word she will choose to mimmick but when she does it is so funny and absolutely cute.

Niah is pulling up on furniture and just started walking from one piece of furniture to the next. She will walk around furniture so she has became quite the cruiser. I have quit buying toys because she will not play with them. Her favorite "toys" are mommy's kitchen gadgets. Niah has drawer she pulls out and plays with and so mommy puts different kitchen things on it such as mixing cups, mixing spoons, bowls, and she loves it!!
Here is Niah playing in her cabinet

Everyday she is doing new things and it is such a joy to watch her grow and develop and be apart of that.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My first failure as a mother: sleeping

Sleeping sells more baby books than any other topic (I looked it up) and I can tell you why. Sleeping determines everything for your child, if you will have a happy child, or a sad grouchy child, a child able to have a fun day, or a bad day, what errands you can run with your child, or what activities you can do with your child. Studies show a well rested child performs better academically. Everyone has a technique on how to put your child to sleep and how to keep them to sleep, and everyone is an expert.
As Niah's mom, I feel like I have made my first of many failures, I am sure. Lets face it every parent fails their child thousands of times in their lifetime. Niah was a wonderful sleeper up until the holidays with traveling and activities I became more relaxed. She had started going to sleep on her own with little to no crying at about 4 months and did so till november. Then we went on a trip in November and had a new surroundings and new people which puts Niah on overload, I felt bad for her and would rock and nurse her to sleep. She was not going to bed at her normal time and stayed exhausted she was waking in the night, so again I would rock or nurse her to sleep. This would have been fine but it continued because she liked it and protested going to sleep any other way. In fact even now when she wakes up she sobs and cries so hard until she gets in my arms, if someone else goes to get her (even Matthew) she cries harder until she sees me and gets in my arms. Then at Christmas we went on another trip and the habit got worse and more night wakings. She was till an excellent napper taking two, two hour naps but again lost the ability to go to sleep on her own.
After vacation which she did fairly well on and I had finished my research on the importance of sleep, I decided that I was hurting her rather than helping her without making her have good sleep habits. The process has began again on making healthy sleep habits. My favorite book on sleep is "Healthy sleep habits, happy child" and he says, "You do not stop changing your child's diaper because they cry and sleep is the same way." So my approach now is that this is the best for my child and I hate that it is harder on her now because she is older and more aware than when I originally trained her and there was no tears. There have been a few more tears but it is working.
Niah has been sleeping through the night not waking up till after 7 for over a week now. She may wake up in the night and I see her on the moniter adjust and move to a new sleeping position and goes right back to sleep!! Niah has a 7 to 7:30 bedtime(with the exception of wed. at 8), a 9:30 am nap sleeps till noon or 12:30, and an afternoon nap of 2 or 2:30. I have to tell myself when she fights sleep, I do not want a child that can not sleep as a teenager or adult because I failed to teach her to self soothe as a baby. I am so proud of my little one for learning to self soothe.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Niah's first Vacation

Niah went on her first family vacation and she loves vacation and warm weather as much as I do. This vacation was alot of firsts for Niah, first time out of the country (first stamp in passport), first time to the ocean, first time to play in sand. Among those first were her first teeth... thats right teeth, before now Niah has had no teeth to come through and on the 2nd or 3rd day she bit my finger like always and a sharp thing was in her mouth. By the end of the trip you could see not one but TWO teeth coming through.
Niah loved the sand and the water from the ocean. She loved playing with Kyah!! Niah gets so excited when she sees Kyah, it is so cute.
Here is Niah and Kyah at the ocean

Niah loved the pool and floating around in the pool.

Niah perfected the pulling up and tries it with everything including Kyah's head and that is more of pushing down on Kyah's head to stand up. Don't worry Kyah pushes her off. She also tries to walk now... They grow up way to fast. Here is Niah trying to stand and walk but can't stand on her own so she just tries to walk with her hands. This how she crawled all morning and was frustrated she could not stand all the way

This is where Niah took one of her naps every day :-)

Our family!!

We loved vacation and Niah had a blast.... Can't wait for the next one but for now it is good to be HOME!!