Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Niah's first Vacation

Niah went on her first family vacation and she loves vacation and warm weather as much as I do. This vacation was alot of firsts for Niah, first time out of the country (first stamp in passport), first time to the ocean, first time to play in sand. Among those first were her first teeth... thats right teeth, before now Niah has had no teeth to come through and on the 2nd or 3rd day she bit my finger like always and a sharp thing was in her mouth. By the end of the trip you could see not one but TWO teeth coming through.
Niah loved the sand and the water from the ocean. She loved playing with Kyah!! Niah gets so excited when she sees Kyah, it is so cute.
Here is Niah and Kyah at the ocean

Niah loved the pool and floating around in the pool.

Niah perfected the pulling up and tries it with everything including Kyah's head and that is more of pushing down on Kyah's head to stand up. Don't worry Kyah pushes her off. She also tries to walk now... They grow up way to fast. Here is Niah trying to stand and walk but can't stand on her own so she just tries to walk with her hands. This how she crawled all morning and was frustrated she could not stand all the way

This is where Niah took one of her naps every day :-)

Our family!!

We loved vacation and Niah had a blast.... Can't wait for the next one but for now it is good to be HOME!!

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