Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Move In Date.....

The plan is to move in this weekend!!! Yay!! I am not going to post any pictures on this post because I am going to wait to post lots of pictures when we move in.

The countertops are in and the appliances are just waiting for someone to move them into their spot. Matthew thinks me and him can do it by ourselves and I explain to him that WE, as in ME can not move a refridgerator, oven, or dishwasher. It took like 4 guys to move my dad's so I am not sure why he thinks WE can move them alone.

This weekend Matthew's parents were in town. Matthew and his dad worked on tiling the bathtub in our bathroom. His mom and I painted some doors and did the tedious job of putting calk on every nail hole in the base boards and door frames.

Oh I will post one picture, of our idea for the fireplace side in the kitchen. Matthew said he can make this.

The last couple of days of I have been cleaning like crazy!! We burned tons of stuff on Sunday as well. I have also began to realize having trees brings on the project of leaves!! So I have been kind of keeping up with that, by that I mean raked and burned them once and now there is twice as many on the ground. But there is still more to clean. Tonight we are going to pick up mattresses, door knobs, and a million other little small things at Menards. Menards is a huge and I mean huge store that has everything. I am also hoping I can talk Matthew into eating at Chipotle, he does not really like it. I on the other hand love it, I will even take it to go, if I have to.

I have also decided that since fall will be almost done by the time I move in. I am going to put minimal fall decor. Maybe decorate my table for fall and a pumpkin on the porch but will immediately begin decorating for CHRISTMAS!! Christmas decor is out in stores, why not in my house :-) Matthew will be gone the first week of November and I think that will be when I begin my Christmas decorating with Christmas music. Shhh, do not tell him, he will probably not embrace the Christmas spirit yet.

So I will have pictures for you at the beginning of next week.

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