Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Little Man is 3

A little emotional thinking that my little man is 3 today.  You are the sweetest boy and say the sweetest things but in the next minute you are tearing down your sister's hard work at building with blocks.  You love blocks, you play with those the most, then are trucks and trains.  You are sensitive to other people being loud, smells, and unclean spaces (you do not seem to mind if it is you).  You preferred to be carried over walking, and you only like short distance running but prefer sitting down activities.  Your favorite foods are ice cream or Popsicle, strawberries, and chocolate milk.

I adore your faith.  You immediately pray when something is wrong and then believe it to be done!  You are a calculated risk taker and weigh your pros and cons.  You will go on huge roller coasters with Mommy or daddy but refuse to ride a kiddie ride by yourself.  You have such a personable personality you win the hearts of anyone that knows you!  I love your innocence and that it has yet to be tainted, Mommy and Daddy pray for wisdom and knowledge on how to keep it that way every day!

You are a man that knows what you want and you stick to your guns! There is no convincing you otherwise which we respect and love!

I can not tell you enough how much we love you!!  You tell me all the time that I am the bestest mommy in the world but you are the bestest son in the world.   You daily teach me to have patience, how to think out of the box trying to guide and direct your rampant personality without harming your imagination and who you are.  The twos have stretched me as a mommy and hopefully made me a better mommy but I would not change a minute of it!  I welcome the "trying threes" and excited for what is in store, but a little glum that your getting bigger.  

I hope you know how much we love you!!

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