Monday, April 1, 2013

The not so fun moments of mommyhood

I love my kids and love everything about them. But in mommyhood there are those not so fun moments that 1. you feel terrible it is happening and 2. lets just be honest it is just gross and that was one of those weeks for me.

up until last week little man had been pooping with every diaper and then Sunday, no poop. Monday, no poop and monday evening he became very fussy, he is such a good baby does not usually ever cry and poor little guy was just crying and crying with bad gas. He only wanted me to hold him and he would calm down then he would have some gas and start crying again. After about an hour of on and off crying he finally went to sleep.

Here is how he went to sleep. Poor guy
The next day, I went immediately and got gripe water. I can not stand for my kids to ever cry and I did not want that to happen again. Thankfully, I did not have to use it on him. But Tues, no poop and then Wednesday afternoon, I heard him make this little noise like he pooped just a little bit. I thought well I will wait and see if he has to poop anymore. I waited 5 minutes and nothing happened so I decided to change him. I pulled off his pants and he had not pooped just a little, he pooped a lot!!! I had to call my sister in for help and the only thing we could think of was put him clothes and all into the sink.

Here is a picture

Then Wednesday night around 2:30 I hear my little girl, Niah scream, "Mommy," while crying. It is very rare for her to get up in the night and never does she have a scream like that so I went to her room and immedietely picked her up. When I picked her up not only did I smell it but I was now covered in throw up. Niah is almost 2 and she has only been sick 1 time and it was a bacterial infection in her throat. We went to the bathroom got cleaned up, changed clothes and never dealing with a sick throwing up child I was scared to let her go back to her bed, in fear she would throw up so I laid on the couch with her. She seemed perfectly fine on the couch just talking away to me. So after an hour went by and she still seemed fine, no tempature, I decided to put her back to bed. She woke up the next morning a little fussy but over all fine. She threw up one more time Thurseday afternoon but again seemed fine the rest of the time. Then Friday morning she was really fussy when she woke up only wanted me to carry her. Thirty minutes went by and I was carrying her and all of a sudden she threw up all over me. None went on the floor and very little got on her, just all over me. I learned that fussyness and wanting mommy was I am going to throw up. The rest of the day she was fine, got a little fussy after her nap and I remembered I had bought the gripe water so I decided to give her some to see if it will help, it has ginger in it. It helped or something because with in 30 minutes she quit fussying and no throwing up. I thought oh good we are over this. Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and we sit down and she got fussy all of sudden and 15 minutes later, yep she threw up all over me and the table, then said, "pancakes." We did clean up the mess and we did stay an she did eat pancakes. Never threw up again.

So this week I was filled with lots of not so fun mommy moments where you feel terrible for your babies as they hurt. Even though they were my kids, I was completely grossed out cleaning throw up and poop off of me and everything else. As a mom it may not always be fancy clothes and uptown living but I will take those not so fun moments to be with my kids. At the end of the week you just have to laugh about it.

Here are my sweet kids Easter Weekend

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  1. Almost the exact same thing happened with my baby boy. He didn't poop for a week and then all of the sudden... apparently he just wanted to save it for a special moment or something.

  2. Ugh! Gotta love this side of mommyhood too :) Hoping you have a better week!

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  3. Oh boy! That doesn't sound very fun.

    thanks for linking up to mommy moments

  4. yep... the poop all over. i have been there many times! at least he felt better. :) i almost rather deal with poop over vomit. i guess because pooping is normal and vomit means they are sick. welcome to mommy-hood with multiples! haha