Friday, March 22, 2013

The Most Important Job

I was driving to the Dr. office this morning for a well visit for Malachi and I was praying. I usually will pray out loud when Niah is with me since she likes to talk in the car. Niah always loves to pray when I pray and she usually will ask me to pray for somebody. She will say, "Mommy, Kyah, Pray." Which means mommy pray for Kyah in toddler lingo. While I was praying, I began to think about a conversation I had with my husband, Matthew, last night as he was watching Preacher's Daughter (a reality tv show). I am not a fan of it, me being a preacher's daughter, and I feel as though it makes all preacher's kids look bad. We were talking about free will and the role parents have in a child's life, and how to help your child stay out of trouble. Matthew said he thinks it doesn't matter how the parents raise their kids, ultimately they have free will. I believe they have free will but I also believe that parents play a huge role in the choices their kids make. I can honestly say, my mom played a huge roll in our lives by first having a very close relationship with us before we became pre-teens. I would say that working as a youth pastor for 2 years, that is so important to have a close nit relationship with your kids before they are pre teens so they can come and talk to you when peer pressure hits through those teens years. Secondly, my mom never let us be bored. We lived in a very small town and it was very common for us to be going into Kansas City to eat, shop, go to the movies, anything that we thought was fun. We did this our whole lives. My parents took us on vacation, small weekend in trips, and even just over night stays in a hotel 30 mins from our home.

Since the day Niah was born I realized that being a parent is the most important job in my lifetime. As soon as I held her in my arms the very intimidating job of raising another human being became my number one priority. There is so much information and advice on children available and a lot of it contradicts it each other, it can be quite daunting. During my pregnancy with Niah, I collected a lot of books on pregnancies and babies but I began to realize that my greatest advice will come from someone that never contradicts, that is perfect, the best role model as a parent and is full of grace. I will never be a perfect parent or person but I will seek my Heavenly Father every single day for wisdom and guidance for my kids. I may go against society and some people may not understand my decision as a parent or judge them and that is ok with me. I will not rely on people or the world to tell me how to raise kids and may not follow the norm but I will fully rely on God. I do not answer to man but to the Father. I may listen to advice from others, and I may become knowledgeable in information on my kids but ultimately I will seek and rely on the advice of God.

I realize that I am not perfect and my children will not be perfect; but I will strive daily to live a life that honors my Heavenly Father. Hoping that my children will not only hear about God and how we should live but see it through my life and actions. I am my children's greatest influence right now and I do not take the task lightly. We live in a fallen world full of sin that is trying to capture and rob the innocent hearts and if the only thing I accomplish over the next 20 years is teaching my kids how to show the love of Christ in this dark world through my everyday life, I will have accomplished something greater than any diploma I have received in school, money I have made or any job I have acquired over time.

I do not consider raising kids a "job" because it is way to rewarding, fun, and the greatest thing I have done to be considered a "job." It will be the greatest and most important job I could have. I will provide the best opportunities I can for my children. I will strive to have the best relationship I can with them. I will stop what I am doing to listen, play, or talk to them when they need me. I will protect them. I will sacrifice personal gain, jobs, and luxuries for myself if I have to, to give my children the time and effort they need. More importantly, I will teach them and show them through my personal relationship with Jesus, who he is and how to live for Him. I will pray ever day for the spiritual welfare for my children as well as wisdom and guidance for me on how to raise them. I will not let society people, or poplar beliefs be the standard for my kids.


  1. This is such a sweet post...My vlog touched on this very topic. It's such a hard job but it's so rewarding!

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  2. I love this post. I think it is so important to not let society dictate how you raise your children.

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