Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love my Babies' Moments

I love my babies more than anything in the world. Being a mommy is my absolute favorite thing over anything I have done in my life. I will admit and I have said it before if I had the time and the finances I think I would have a dozen kids. For now, I will enjoy the two beautiful babies I have now. I believe that right now one of my biggest callings in life is to raise my kids in a loving home showing Jesus in everyday life. To raise them constantly seeking wisdom from our Heavenly Father to protect them and show them how to make decisions and live a life in this immoral world.

How could you not love these babies are they not adorable!!

Mommy hood has those moments though when.....

You look at your post pregnancy body and feel less than attractive
Your husband says do you smell that.... and it is you and the smell is breast milk and spit up
You are getting ready to walk out the door and change a diaper real fast for it to end like this....

This happened just yesterday, as I was getting ready to walk out the door, and somehow little man manages to either poop or pee on me at least 2 a week :-)

All mommies could add to the list I am sure. I have learned the best way to handle it is first to laugh. Then look at all those moments among those moments when your baby runs to you and hugs you. Or when you are in the car with your little girl and you are praying for someone she is in the backseat repeating the name of Jesus in her prayer or when she remembers you prayed for someone that day and wants to pray for them that night while you are doing nightly prayers. Or the special snuggle time reading a book, talking, or just laying on the couch. I welcome all those less than desirable moments everyday because they bring on those precious moments with your babies :-)

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  1. Great photos Cara! :) Thanks for linking up with the simple things!

  2. Hi Cara!! I found this post to be so beautiful! I love that you are teaching your littles to pray. We also do this with Lil Mister and it is probably my favorite time of day! And yes in reference to the poo happens to us all! The other night LJ managed to get me at 3 am with one! ;-) Needless to say Hubby Dearest did not like me changing our bedding at that time! Hang in there. I can't wait to read more from you. It seems our kids are about the same ages and we have similar values! I found you through the Mommy Moments Blog Hop!

  3. Love this post - I think all mama's can definitely relate! Just started following via the blog hop and am excited to read more!

    - Jordan

  4. We have blow outs on the reg! Haha oh the joy! New follower! :)

  5. Sweet post!! Thanks for sharing!! I am linked up after you over at The Life of Faith today.