Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lil Man 7 weeks

My lil man is 7 weeks old. He is such a sweet baby! He is growing so fast, boys are a new experience for me but he seems to grow faster than Niah and is bigger than Niah (well she was a small little thing when she started out). Malachi just started wearing 0-3 month clothes last week.
Malachi, since the Daylight savings sleeps till 9 (so does Niah) I get him ready, he eats, goes back to sleep. He wakes up at around 12, eats, goes back to sleep. I usually wake him him up around 3:30 he eats and sleeps till 5ish. Then he starts to have a little awake time, he will really talk and smile during that time. Stays awake around 30 mins to an hour then eats and usually nods off to sleep. Around 7:30 he will wake up again eat and have some more awake time and nods off. He goes to sleep for the night around 10 and wakes up to eat around 1:30 and then wakes up again at around 4 and then sleeps till 9.

He just started getting fussy at night and around 8:30ish and wants his mommy. Will usually calm right down and sit as still as can be staring at my face. I realize that he is just a baby but I was worried he would not want his mommy like Niah did. All the books tell me I have till the age of 3 for him to want me and love on me and around the age of 3 they have this eternal switch that turns them to really strive to be like and want their dads. In fact they say it is so important for a Dad to really play a huge roll in their lives to help them developmentally and mentally from ages 3-5 (that is a subject I will save for a later date) I just thought it was interesting. Malachi just started taking a paci, he does not use it or want it during the day, he does not use it at all during the night, he usually will only want or take it in the evenings.
Daddy watched Malachi and Niah both at the same time twice this weekend, 2 hours both time. Once was when Niah was already in bed but she did wake up while I was gone, the other Saturday morning. He did well but replied with I never want to be a single parent and I do not know how you take care of them both all the time :-) My reply was God gave women the ability to multitask. I actually stress and worry and miss my babies when they are not with me.

Niah still adores Malachi. Her cousin is here as well and it is so sweet to see both girls' mother instincts kick in and they want to put a blanket on him, check on him when he makes noises, pat him and say "ok, ok, ok" when he cries, and tell me when he is hungry. Other than the fact that they don't realize they can not lean on him because they are bigger than him they are sweet and gentle. I love it.

I love him so much and can not remember life without him :-)

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  1. Aw, he is adorable! What a cutie. I've read that about boys switching to wanting to hang out with their dads around 3 years old - it's a good thing. But I think they'll always need us, just in a different way!