Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy Life... Filled with lots of activities

The last couple weeks have flown by. I think when the weather gets nice time seems to pass more quickly. Life has been filled with lots of activities for the my babies.

We took Niah to a place called Miner Mikes, it is a huge tunnel maize with slides and ball pits. She was a little weary at first but loved it after only being there for minutes. I may take her back this weekend.

Baby boy is actually starting to stay awake more. He will go 1-2 hour stretches of awake time then he will sleep for long stretches.

Niah started swim classes. She did one session last year and we are doing a session this year. She shocked us with how much she loved the water. She is usually really careful and timid and she was the complete opposite at class. She loved the water and did not care if we went under or moved all over the pool.

Malachi is beginning to love his play mat, he likes to lay a certain way so he can kick the side and make the hanging things move. He will spend 20 or 30 minutes under it and love it, just laugh and laugh.

Niah did her first Easter hunt. She picked up fast what do and went for the candy. Daddy and Mommy have enjoyed having her candy as well.

Malachi does social smiles anytime you talk to him and babbles up a storm.

We are getting ready for Niah's second Birthday! This is so bitter sweet for me, I love the little girl/toddler she is but I am so sad to say good bye to baby Niah. Two really seemed to come up so quick. I am learning photography skills to take pictures of my kids and so I took pictures of Niah for her Birthday invitations and here is one of the pictures.


  1. You have a beautiful family! My little lady will be 3 this summer. Times goes so quickly! But it is a very fun age.

  2. What a beautiful little family! I'm stopping by from Mommy Moments.