Thursday, January 19, 2012


Our baby is CRAWLING all over the place. Niah gets up and goes and is into everything :-) Her curious mind takes her to doors, drawers, and cabinets. She loves to get into anything and pull stuff out, right now it is the cutest thing. Probably 3 months from now I will not think so. She is also sitting up from lying down. !!

Not only is Niah doing all of these things for a couple weeks but yesterday she figured out that she can sit up and crawl her in crib. I lay her down she crawls to the head of the bed and sits up and looks straight in the camera and smiles, like she knows. Bedtime has now gone to me constantly going into her room and laying her down. I am hoping with much persistance she will get it. The books, magazines, and good left out all kinds of important things like what to do when your baby HATES her carseat, when she sits up in her crib, when she does not want to pick up food with her hand but will eat it out of spoon, or when she does not like food at all! I guess I can tell those things :-)

We have been very busy the last few weeks but next weekend I am hoping that it will be a quiet weekend at home doing little jobs around the house and cleaning. Matthew has been on all kinds of projects for everyone else and I told him it was my turn next week :-) Good news is he was more than willingly agreed. I have a few pinterest ideas, this being one of them
Then after next weekend is VACATION!! Hot, bright sun, sandy beaches, and yummy food. What more could a girl ask for

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