Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1 Month already

It is so hard to believe that our little girl is one month and growing up way to fast already!! She had her 1 month dr. appointment today. She weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces. She has gained 36 ounces since her last appointment when she was only 6 days old. She is 21 inches long which means she has grown an inch and a half. Her head circumference went from 9 cm to 13 cm. She just started wearing newborn size clothes but still fits in her preemie pants and jackets.

She loves to eat. We started giving her 1 bottle a day. She takes a bottle pretty good. Sometimes gets very frustrated with a bottle and will only nurse and refuse the bottle. She will not even drink from a bottle after the 1st bottle so mommy never leaves her for long amounts of time (honestly how could you leave her, she is such a doll). She sometimes gets fussy when she is passed around alot but calms down when she gets in mommy or daddy's arms. She is not a huge fan of a pacifier, she will sometimes take it in the car but most of the time she turns red and spits it out if you give it to her. Most nights starting about a week and half ago, she sleeps from 10 pm to 5 or 7 am. The dr. told me not to let her sleep through the night but she gained over 2 pounds in month so I am not concerned with her not eating at night.

Niah is a wonderfully baby that is hardly fussy at all. She does not like to be ignored. Her favorite times in hanging with Mommy and Daddy at home. Daddy adores his little girl and spent the last weekend basically just holding her all day and talking to her. Niah has always been full of expressions but she is now smiling. It is so funny because she smiles when you talk to her at just the right moments like when dad gets her poop on his hand or when you tell her she is cute. Niah already enjoys story time and worship music.

Mommy and Daddy are adjusting well to baby now. Mommy has learned that the house will never be as clean as it was before she had a baby. I just work on keeping it clean and organized but I may not get to clean the bathrooms several times a week or get steam the floors several times a week and just focus on making sure the floors are clean and the bathroom gets done sometime. Daddy now takes directions in the kitchen to help with dinner. He also spends alot of time trying to figure out the best way to soothe and hold Niah. We love Niah and can't imagine life without her.

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