Monday, May 16, 2011

My baby is almost 2 weeks old

The last 12 days have flown by, it does not seem possible that my baby could be 2 weeks old this week. We love every minute with our precious Niah. In fact Matthew and I go back and forth on who's turn it is to hold her and he is convinced that I use nursing as a reason to hold her :-) I find myself just wanting to look and watch this amazing little being all the time.

We brought Niah home from the hospital the day after she was born Thur, May 5. We walked her through her home and introduced her to her room. Our first diaper at home ended up in a wadrobe change and a huge mess. Daddy was changing her diaper and it just so happens the cold made her pee all over. Daddy who wore surgical gloves at the hospital to change diapers could not understand why we did not have any. The diaper resulted not only in a change of clothes, but we had to change blankets and the changine pad cover. That was not the last time an incident like that happen, just yesterday she was not done pooping when her diaper was being changed then she managed to pee as well. Daddy is getting use to getting a little bit of it on him now and his reaction is not quite as dramatic.

Niah hates to be cold and tends to shiver when laying by herself no matter how much clothes she has on and how many blankets she stays swaddled in. She loves body heat. We had to figure out a night time routine because she would just shiver in her bassinet. So now we rotate her from the bouncer seat (not on because it rattles her bones and hates it on), to her bassinet, to the carseat so that she will sleep through the night with out being held. She does really well at night now, at first she was waking up every hour but now she eats about 10, 1, and 5. I wake her up at 9. Sometimes she will have have a later feeding than 10 and not wake up till 4 and then gets up at 8:30.

Niah is a calm baby and only cries when she is cold or hungry. It takes awhile for her to work up to a cry and it is more like a high pitch squeel that is not very loud. Daddy hates it when she cries and when she was very upset with a bath, he said we are never giving her a bath again. I have to remind Matthew that sometimes she will cry, unfortunately. Matthew adores her and can not help but hold her when he sees her. Niah was laying on the ottoman and I was sitting next to her, Matthew said, "What are you doing?" I said, "Trying to see how long she will lay on her own." He said, "Well we don't have very much longer to hold her." Then picked her up.

Niah has had a well Dr. visit and a not well visit. The well visit went good, she weight 5 lbs 7 oz which the dr. was impressed she had not lost more than 2 ozs. She is healthy and the dr said she is beautiful. The not well visit was just this last Friday. Wednesday, her eye had discharge coming out of it, we called the hospital 2 and the dr.'s office twice. They assured us it was just a clogged tear duct and would get better. Friday, we called and made an appt just to make sure it was ok. They took a sample of it to make sure there was not infection and checked her over. Niah had gained 2 oz and now weighs 5 lbs 9 oz. She also lost her umbical cord at the Dr.'s office when I took her clothes off for the weight check. Dr. said she looks good.

We took Niah on her first road trip 2 hours away to Springfield for a wedding. Not so sure she was a fan of it. I think she was a little overstimulated. It will be awhile before I am ready to try that again. She did great friday but Saturday she was fussy for the first time ever. Matthew was at the point he said, "Let's go home she never cries at home." After the morning she did much better. We did learn that you have 3 times the amount the luggage you normally do and the trip takes twice as long with a baby.

We love Niah so much and can not imagine our lives without her now!!

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