Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brought out the Coat and Hat

I had bought Niah a coat and hat for Alaska, knowing she could wear it in the fall when cooler weather came and today we had to break it out. I think she looks so adorable in her hat and coat but so not ready for the cold weather.

This is what she was wearing earlier this week

I know I am biased but I love her smile!!

Here is some catching up from the last month. Niah took her first plane ride to Alaska, the first flight was a little over an hour to Dallas and then we went from Dallas to Anchorage which was a 7 hour a flight. Niah did wonderful through all of the flights. We were met promptly by my aunt to take us to Seward 2 hours from Anchorage. Niah had a rough start in the car seat but soon fell asleep. She did just as good going home on the flights. Thankfully Niah and I were both exhausted from the time change of 3 hours and the all night flying and the all day travel that we both slept till noon the next day. Then Niah was still on Alaska time and was not going to sleep till 1 am the next few days. We had a rough go getting her back to Missouri time but with in 3 days she was back to normal.
We then went to Branson, to silver dollar city and Big Cedar. Niah does great as long as she does not have to sit in her car seat. We decided after that trip it would be a long time before we put our little princess through a rough ride in her car seat for long amounts of time. It is hard on her and on us. I spent sunday with a forty minute car ride home from lunch trying to calm her down and had to take a 2 hour nap from the exhaustion and she took a 3 hour nap.
Niah is very active and observant now days. She wants to see and notices everything. She watches people come in and out of the the room and she loves to see people smile. Niah is now pulling on everything especially my hair. She loves to run her hands through my hair while she is going to sleep. She is still a wonderful sleeper, she goes to bed between 9-10 and does not wake up till 8-9 and sometimes even 10. Please believe, I thank Jesus for that everyday and know how blessed I am. Niah has now started sleeping in her crib and transitioned well. I started putting her in her crib and if she woke up in the night I put her back to sleep in the bassinet and after a few nights she started sleeping through the night in her crib. She is a good napper but naps best at home on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Niah notices both mine and Matthew's voice and looks for us when she hears it.
Niah has a big week ahead, 4 month pictures on Monday. Cousin Kyah is coming to visit Thur. Baby dedication on Sunday.
We have started painting the basement and we are about 90% percent done. I have a few touch ups left. Then hopefully we can go pick out carpet and have it installed, I am ready for the dust from the basement to be gone!!!
The next month will be just as busy as the last few. Niah has 5 month pictures schedule, work is finish up with fall retreats and closing everything for the winter, Matthew goes to Africa so Niah and I got to visit Christa. Then starts the Holiday season, one of my favorite times of the year!!!

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