Monday, August 27, 2012

Pregnancy and its symptoms

Well I am well into my 19th week of pregnancy and they were right you definately show sooner in your second pregnancy. It was somewhere around 17 1/2 to 18 weeks that it was like boom there is a baby bump. In the first pregnancy it was around week 21-22 time period.

I begin to think about how this baby will not get the same attention that Niah got when it is born or even now. Then I realize all of the things this baby gets that Niah did not get. Every Night I pray with Niah while rocking her and then we sing a worship. We started praying for baby #2 in our prayers, which I think is neat that Niah is getting to be apart of this pregnancy. As well as I never sang to Niah in utero and this baby hears me sing every night and hopefully it will be a comforting sound to baby once it is born. I started feeling baby move around 17 weeks, I believe it is just a week earlier than Niah.

Here is a picture of me now on the left 19 weeks and the pic on the right is me at 18 weeks pregnant with Niah with my sister (check her blog out about being a mom here) who was also pregnant.

Well my husband and I honestly never fight, maybe in the first year we had few or several arguments but since then less than a handful. Since being pregnant I can think of 2 disagreements which ended in me crying. My poor husband said after the 2nd disagreement, "I have to believe that you started crying because you are pregnant, the only other time you cried was when target would not return something for you and you were pregnant." I had to agree, I would not say I am an extremely emotional pregnant lady like some of the stories I have heard but at the littlest disagreement (I hate disagreements) I end in great big tears. Darn pregnancy hormones. I already knew that I cried alot easier in movies which Matthew already picked up but real life it seems the tears come. I guess it is healthy to have a good cry!

Well for the biggest news we find out what we are having this week. Cast your vote on what you think? I will tell you that I am leaning towards girl only because everything about my pregnancy is exactly the same, blood pressure, weight gain, sickness, nonexistent heartburn, carrying high, babie heartbeat, and overall how I feel.

Well I have to leave with a pic of my sweet girl, here is my little girl with her best friend and cousin Kyah on her new toy.

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