Monday, June 17, 2013

Remembering on Father's Day

I have wonderful men in my life to honor on father's day, an absolutely great dad, an amazing husband, and even a good father in law. This year, I am missing one man more than I usually do, he is someone that I think about daily, but for the last few months have had a terrible ache for him to be here, my grandpa (known as papa). My Papa went to be with the lord after struggling with cancer in October of 2007.

I have missed him on all the big occasions of my life wishing he was there. I missed him on my college graduation after he cheered me on and supported me all through college. I missed him on my wedding day as we had previously always talked about how he (my papa) would officiate the wedding. I missed him when we finished building our house and I didn't get to show him. I missed him when I gave birth to my baby girl and showed her off to my family and he was not there to dote on her, as he doted on me. I again missed him when I had Malachi.

Not only do I miss him on the big occasions but I miss him and the small things in life. I miss his giving personality, he was a man that would give. I respected him and how he handled his financials (You can not say that often these days). He was a man that came from 13 and had very little but a man that wanted his children to have more than him and gave them all an inheritance. He was a man that never spent his money foolishly but always would give in abundance to God's ministry. My papa spoke his mind and never pushed anything under the rug (which is both a positive and a negative). He was a very strong sensitive man.

In the 6 months from the time he was diagnosed with cancer to his death, he sang and praised our heavenly Father. Believing that God would take care of him and his family. I saw him at his worst and I saw him at his best and even at his worst, he was still concerned about the small things in my life. I spent countless hours at his bedside in the hospital, and had some of the most precious moments with him. He was a Godly example to me and a huge part of my life. I miss him all the time but know he is in a better place

I have wonderful men in my life but he can never be replaced.

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