Friday, September 27, 2013

8 Months Old

I am still late but better than last month.
Dear Malachi
You have really been showing your personality this month. You are mostly laid back with your feet crossed but when you are mad you are mad and let us know. You have a loud voice and want people to listen when you speak. You have said "mama" 3 or 4 times without mimicking me. You say "hey" when you mimic someone. You love to make spitting noises and love when I tap my hand on your mouth and you yell. You often just throw your head back and laugh. You love to interact with people.
You are so desperate to be on the move. You are a rolling machine and have a pretty good army crawl. You do push ups trying to get into a regular crawl but have not mastered that position yet. You love to get into everything especially cords. If there is anything in front of you at the table you are grabbing it and get angry when we move it.

You are starting to become interested in bites of food but you do not really eat them just play. You will only consider food if you are the one in control and putting it up to your mouth. If someone's hands tries to put something up to your mouth you clamp your lips together and nothing is going in. You got 2 more teeth this month so we are up to 6 teeth which at this time Niah had none.
We are so enjoying every moment with you and love your little personality. We can not imagine our lives without you.

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