Friday, February 7, 2014

All about the Mommy

I read 2 or 3 blogs in the last couple of weeks that inspired this post. They wrote a post all about them. This is going to be a post of random facts about me. My husband always tells me I am so weird (he says that mostly in a good way). Some of these facts are things he finds weird and some he finds completely normal but others find weird. Just thought I would share a glimpse into the life of the Mommy of Niah and Malachi :-)

1. Since having kids, I can count on one hand the number of times I have the left the house with no kids. I prefer it that way.
2. It actually stresses me out to leave the kids with anyone including my husband and plus if I have the kids with me, there is no rushing home and it is more relaxing.
3. When I am mad, I clean, When I am stressed, hurt, or sad; I shop. By shop I mean, I feel the need to spend a lot of money (a lot would be somewhere around 75-100 in my single days it would be $200).
4. I feel the need to get out of my house every single day, even if it is just going to work, which is not even a quarter of mile away. (my littles come to work with me)
5. I am an extremely private person and usually only share my deepest thoughts with the husband, sister/best friend, mom and Jesus.
6. I take a bath in our jetted tub 5-7 times a week. Being completely honest, I take a dessert and the Ipad and watch tv while in the bath.
7. I throw all manners out the door when it comes to my kids. I try not to but it is my first reaction, my husband does as well. The easiest way to get a rise out of me is to attack me as a mother or attack my kids.
8. I can count on one hand the number of times, I argued with my husband in a year. Usually the arguments are over silly things.
9. I love running errands but truly only enjoy them if it is only my kids and I. That way I could move at my own pace and go where I need to.
10. Becoming a homeowner and a mother gave me the motivation to do crafty projects. Now I truly enjoy it.
11. I prefer to do things alone unless the person helping is just as personally invested in the project as me.
12. When I take on a project for someone, I make it my own project and personally invest every energy I have in to it. It is a positive and negative thing.
13. It takes me at least a year to use up makeup, not because I do not wear it because 99.5% of the time I wear it. The only thing I buy on a regular basis is eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I do not wear enough makeup and other times I am glad I do not have to spend money on it.
14. I gave up my love for shopping for myself when I had kids and now I love to shop for my kids.  Not only do I love to buy them new clothes I love to see them wear it (they have better wardrobes than me now)
15.  The only jewelry I wear consistently is my wedding ring.  The only only other piece of jewelry you can catch me wearing is a pearl necklace and that is usually only once a month thing.  


  1. I hate running errands with my little boy Jack. Dealing with the carseat drives me nuts. Jack hates getting in and out of it so running errands is not fun.

  2. I love reading unique facts about people. I just may follow your lead and write a similar post as well!
    Angela :)