Friday, December 5, 2014

The Mommy Mobile

In February of 2014 we sold my wonderful altima, that had great gas mileage, never gave me any mechanical trouble for a beautiful black murano.  The only reason we sold the altima was a better car for carseats.  It was little emotional because the altima was the very first car I went and picked out and paid 100% for right out of college.  I had the car for 7 years.
The murano was great because there was no more bending down for car seats, we had leather interior, and a great big back area. The murano was sporty and pretty and it was a great black color.  I think all cars look better in black.  We only had it less than the a year but really enjoyed it.

Then we added another baby (in utero currently) and the murano was not big enough for our growing family.  So we talked about it, prayed about it, talked about it and my husband reluctantly gave me the go ahead to get a mini van! He really wanted a great big suv.  I told him the next car after car seats he can choose!

A mini van may not look cool but it is so functional!  Functional is a mom's best friend.  We prayed about it and I literally prayed on the way to buy a vehicle and while I was test driving it and had a complete peace. We found a great deal for a 2009 toyota sienna (we pay cash, so we buy used and save the difference). I can get to every row in the mini van easily, the doors slide open, great gas mileage and we got to maintain leather seats!    I have been driving it for a couple weeks now and have enjoyed the space and the ability to transport lots of people.  My daughter, Niah loves the doors.  The great news is the mini van cost almost exactly what we sold the murano for!

Sorry this is dark it is cold and rainy outside

We are excited about our purchase and how will help our family get around!

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