Friday, December 3, 2010

Choosing a name, What a job!!

Our little one is 19 weeks and is the size of a mango.

It is 6 inches and 8.5 ounces. I now feel baby moving, not all the time usually at night after I have laid in bed for a little while. I think I am way to active during the day to feel it. The first time I felt baby move, I knew it was a different feeling that I had never felt before and anticipated it again just to make sure I was right. Now, I feel the baby moving almost every night several times. Baby is growing and so am I, I had a dr's appt this week and I have gained 5 pounds and my stomach is 8 inches wider than when I started. The Dr. said he thinks baby is doing well and has a strong healthy heart rate.

The appointment was scheduled at the end of the month to find out what I am having. Any guesses as to what you think I am having? Matthew wants a boy but told me just the other day he thinks we are having a girl. I have no feeling either way as to what I am having. But what ever old wives tales say, I seem to be carrying high, I was very sick, and the baby's heartbeat has been high. Well after I found out less than a month I would know if it was a girl or a boy I started researching names. I read an entire book of names and their meanings this week and wrote down all of the names I liked. I read the names to Matthew and he said, "What country are you raising this baby in?" Then did not give me any suggestions. I have however decided that unless we feel really strongly about a name, I would rather not name the baby until I see him or her. I think you can gather alot more about this person's identity in one meeting and their name should fit them!! Therefore, we are not about any jr. or the 2nds because we want a baby to have it's own identity. As, I have spent several hours researching names, I decided it is quite a big job to name someone! Maybe not as big of a job as rasing the person you name but a big job.

After Christmas we will be in full swing of decorating the nursery and buying furniture. As well as a package of diapers a week, Matthew thought this was a silly idea at first, he said they probably go through only 3 or 4 a day. I then shared the truth with him and he decided my over compulsive planning and desire to plan the future which usually annoys him may not be such a bad idea :-) I asked for a rocking chair for Christmas from Matthew for the nursery and even sent him pictures to his email so hopefully he catches on to my not so settle hints :-)

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