Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a.....

If you have not heard, we are having a little girl. We have not chose any names yet we are waiting for the perfect name that will match her. She is now growing at a rapid paces and weighs in about 1.5 lbs. She has began gaining 6 ounces a week. I can definitely tell that she is getting bigger and her kicks are a little more forceful and sometimes surprise me.

I have neglected blogging because I was enjoying the holidays with the husband and family. It was so fun to start family traditions in our little family, that we will continue doing each year. The little one got just as many Christmas presents as I did.

We are starting to plan out the nursery. Right now it is an all white room waiting to be decorated. We are not going to do a themed room but I do not I want a real pretty chandelier (with a dimmer), a white floor rug, and I plan on put cute sayings and pictures on the wall. I am going to do all white furniture but I have not chose bedding or a wall color, still contemplating on that one. I will put pictures of the two nurseries I like up. I would change things in both of them to make them a little more our style and put our decorative touch on it.

We have started looking on baby furniture and reading the consumer reports on all of the different furniture we like. We hope to buy a crib this month and have bedding picked out. My mom is willing to make the bedding if I can not find a good deal on it.

I have started getting very excited and impatient for our little girl to arrive. I am also glad that we have 4 months to prepare for our little one. Lots to do to get everything ready for her.

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