Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Reasons I know I am pregnant!!

So last night I was talking to Matthew and we were talking about how all these things changed so I decided to do a top ten list.

1. The obvious is the huge ball that is growing from my stomach. That went from people thinking I was just gaining weight because I got married and too afraid to ask to now complete strangers coming and touching my belly.

2. My gums bleed everytime I brush my teeth... I know I find it terribly gross to spit blood out everytime I brush but not much I can do about it unless I went without brushing and that seems even more gross.

3. My husband feels need to hold on to me if I am walking anywhere outside with snow or ice even if the sidewalk is clear. Not only hold on to me but he feels I need an extra push or hoist in, if I am getting in a truck.

4. I have more doctor's appt. on my calendar than any other event and all the staff and dr's begin to follow your personal life as much they do your pregnancy.

5. Anytime I am carrying more than a piece of paper, people give me a look like should you really be doing that... And most people take what I am carrying out of my hand.

6. On my side of the bed I have 4 or 5 pregnacy books, 2 books on a names (which we do not have yet), a few books on infants and caring for them, books on infants and sleeping, a fetal heart monitor, stretch mark lotion, tissues to blow my nose since I wake up every morning congested, and tylenol (since that is all that I can take for pain and headaches).

7. I have now started collecting coupons for diapers, wipes, and any other baby supplies. I also look at moms in public to see what products they use on their infants and go home to see if I registered for them.

8. It is no longer exciting to buy things for me when I can buy things for the baby. Pretty sure that the babies room will look nicer than our bedroom when it is all said and done. And I now have a need to be really crafty and make things to save money.

9. It is terrible hard to sleep in the same position for more than an hour so I am constantly waking up uncomfortable and switching positions. As well as waking up on average 4 times to go to the bathroom.

10. Finally there is always constantly a pain in a bone or muscle in my body. Whether it be my ribs, my back, my sides, or my skin hurts.

I am now 29 weeks and only 11 to go. It will be here before we know it. Baby is around 3 lbs and said to be the size of a squash. I went to the dr and he said she seems to be doing very well. She is breeched at the moment and we are hoping she switches positions. I explained to the dr. that I would rather not have a c-section since recovery time is said to be much longer. I also told him I did not want to tear or have an episiotomy and my goal was not to get an epidural but if the pain was too much I was not opposed to the idea. The dr. thinks that it is funny that I am very specific on my request and I said well, I know that I may not get them all but I might as well voice them because you never know God could answer every single one of them. The dr. is going to monitor her position and then around 35 or 36 weeks do an ultrasound to see where she has decided to end up. But the good news is she is healthy active, and the dr. found it hilarious that she would move anytime I would talk to her during the appt. but didn't budge until I told her I needed her to kick.

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