Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 weeks to go and counting

I am in the 8th month already and it is almost impossible to believe that my pregnancy has gone by this fast. The dr. says that our little girl has a healthy heart beat and that I have the lowest blood pressure he has ever seen in a pregnant lady. Next week, we will have an ultrasound to see the position of our baby and how she is doing. If you look at my belly anytime I am wearing a fitted shirt you will see lumps poke out where she is moving. Sometimes she will leave some part of her body poked out and I will have to push it back in.
As labor is approaching, I have been reading up on the Bradley method of delivery. As I am reading about labor and natural ways to help with pain relief since I am going to attempt a natural delivery, I am even more amazed at child birth. I do not understand how any woman that has been pregnant can deny that there is no God. I think about how this baby is created and formed and develops, the complexity of it is just amazing. It starts out the size of a poppyseed and grows into a baby with a brain, lungs, heart, and everything else it needs to survive. Not only is that truly amazing but God created woman to be able to house and deliver babies into the world.
Now, past all of that, I will have to admit that labor and delivery is slightly intimidating. I tell myself constantly there are 8 billion people in the world and all 8 billion have gone through delivery. I also tell myself if a teenage girl can survive delivery and labor surely I can. I also tell myself that moms that have had 1 baby PLAN, not surprise, but PLAN another pregnancy and try for it. It is not contractions or pushing it is the fact that an entire human being will be escaping my body through a very small opening is the part that is slightly terrifying but thankfully self talk and telling my self whether I am ready or not this baby will come so I need to prepare mentally helps. But I must admit, everyday as I read another chapter or start another book on delivery, there is alot of self talk going on and maybe even more prayer. Jesus, hears please give me a small baby and an easy delivery with a quick recovery daily!!
On the the planning for baby, we are getting the nursery complete. Dear friends of ours (Christa and I, it was a joint shower), Celia (and Steve, he did so much) threw us the most special baby shower with such thoughtful touches. They took pictures of the day, made posters and signs, had adorable napkins, everything was set up so lovely, and delicious food. Then we had so many amazing friends that have been around our lives that blessed us with wonderful gifts that helped us get ready for our little girls. I think how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life and excited for my little girl to be that blessed to have so many people that will love her and be apart of her life, is so wonderful. After the shower, I have been organizing and finishing the nursery. We found a great light fixture on clearance (My favorite aisles), we picked up the changing table, and have been moving things around the room.
Here is a picture from our shower with my mom and Celia

Here is our light fixture for the nursery

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