Monday, October 10, 2011

Christmas List

As Niah is my child and completely enjoy the holidays. We spent last week decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving.
Here are a few pics of our decor.

As we were decorating I began to inform her of the most wonderful holiday of all time.... CHRISTMAS!! I told her about how Santa is not real but it is fun to pretend and that on Christmas morning he brings good little children presents. We read the bible together every day so I told her about the Christmas story, the christmas lights, and the presents. So we came up with a Christmas list!!

From Daddy, Niah wants a homemade white toy box... we thought he should know now so he can start building.

From Mommy... Niah thought she was not quite ready for her kitchen set or doll house so, Niah decided to leave it up to Mommy what would be the perfect gift :-)

From everyone else she is hoping for more story books.... Niah loves reading stories with mommy everyday and she is tired of the ones she has. She likes books with textures and books she can not rip the pages. Here are other ones we like from looking at the library

Niah started eating cereal this week. She is not real sure of it but gets better eating everyday. She insisted on drinking her milk afterward. Here is a picture her while she is eating.

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