Monday, November 28, 2011

No more sleeping through the night

Niah starting sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old. She would go to bed at 10 pm and not wake up till after 9 am. She did this till she was around 6 months and then all of sudden when she woke up there was no more going back to sleep on her own. There was also less sleep for me. We have been working on different ways to go back to sleep on our own. Usually, I just need to go in her room and rub her belly till she goes to sleep, no problem. It is really cute (maybe not at 4 am but the next day thinking about it) Niah wakes up crying and as soon as she sees us she smiles, ear to ear. Research tells me the problem when a child grasp object permanence it is common to wake up in the night and miss there parents and know they are not there. I guess I will have a few disturbed nights sleep till she understands and realize that we are there in the house.

Niah tried avocados. It took at least 4 times before she ate a full serving but now she likes them, I think :-) We moved on to green beans, she makes very funny faces but does eat all of them. Next we will try carrots. We are working on eating twice a day 1 oz of cereal in the morning for the iron, 2 oz of veggies in the evening. She does not always want to eat 2 times a day but I figure let her eat what she will and just try at both meal times. Eventually she will get use to eating 2 meals and then we can progress from there.

Niah is very mobile now! She scoots and rolls across the living room. I look up and she is in the living room, then in the kitchen, on one side of the room, and then the next! I love watching her try to get her legs under her to actually crawl.

Niah helped me wrap presents tonight, her favorite christmas activity so far. I let her unroll the paper and play with the extra cut off paper. She sat next to me laughing and playing the whole time.

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