Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My busy girl

Niah has become quite the busy girl. She wants to be doing what everyone else is doing and be apart of everything. She will reach and grab for everything, gets very mad when you do not let her have it. One night we were playing sequence and she was sitting on my lap and she was fussing and mad because I would not let her have my cards. So we gave her a joker card and she was happy the rest of night... She felt like she was playing. At work I can give her a paper and she will play with that paper for atleast an hour. This is her at work playing!!

Niah started eating sweet potatoes on thur. night She was a little unsure of them. And made a few very funny faces but she has been dying to try food.

Here is Niah working on drinking from a sipping cup, with a little help she does a great job!!

Finally I had to show you how adorable she was for Halloween as a lady bug. You can not see her so cute red with black polka dot legwarmers but she had them on!!

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