Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update to a picture

My mom got me a picture on sale at Old Time Pottery. We have all tree pictures in our living room and it went with the pictures great but it had this terrible cheap frame. I had it up for at least 6 months and get tire of looking at the frame. One day at Menards, I bought some rustoleum spray paint and decided I was going to paint it.

This is a before picture:

1. I took all of the staples out that was holding the frame in place. Which was alot harder than it sounds and the staples flew across the room.

2. I painted the frame and let it dry.

3. Instead of stapling it back my husband used some kind of sealant and glued it back together.

4. There you go it looks so much better now in my living. The great thing is that the picture cost $10 and the paint cost $4 so total cost $14 for a picture that matches our house perfectly.

I have been really slow about adding details and decor to my house because I hate spending a ton of money on things I do not need and love when I can find great deals. So It may take me 10 years to get my whole house decorated but slowly I will will get there.

Here is an after picture


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